Tomo Koizumi’s Fall/Winter 2023 Collection With Dolce Gabbana

Tomo Koizumi’s Fall/Winter 2023 Collection With Dolce Gabbana

The up-and-coming Tomo Koizumi made a grand entrance at Milan Fashion Week with his Fall/Winter 2023 collection. The event took place at the Dolce & Gabbana headquarters; Koizumi received the support of the unique program for young design talent, giving him access to the archives and technical expertise. This allowed him to do his first fashion show outside of Japan since 2019, which gave him a kickstart on his fashion design career.

What His Collaboration With Dolce & Gabbana Looked Like

Koizumi’s show fed the hungry audience’s eyes as his models paraded down the aisle in colorful, ruffled outfits. Instead of his usual organza, Koizumi chose to make the 3D ruffles out of silk with the technical support Dolce & Gabbana offered him, and he incorporated multicolored jumpsuits and silk ribbon corsets into his creations with Domenico Dolce’s inspiration.

A browse through Dolce & Gabbana’s archives of fabrics and patterns gave him the inspiration he needed to start working with corsets. That gave his ensembles a new look as he built on his typical ruffled dresses. You can see ruffle trims, stripes, the carretto pattern, the bodycon look the Italian brand is famous for and a variety of materials on these designs.

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His Final Piece

The final piece in Koizumi’s collection was a seductive yet playful ensemble highlighting the more-is-more theme. Koizumi used materials from the Dolce & Gabbana archives and included his famous ruffle. The statement garment was draped over five models as it traveled down the catwalk.

The giant rainbow garment was all ruffles and highlights Koizumi’s style and desire to bring play into his creations. It is also an exciting play on shapes. Koizumi is known for embracing various forms that are not normal and allowing nature to influence his designs. In addition, he has created body-positive ensembles that focus more on the joy of dressing up rather than showing off a model’s figure, as his final masterpiece did.

Where His Inspiration Came From

Aside from drawing a lot of his inspiration for Milan Fashion Week from the Dolce & Gabanna archives, he also got some inspiration from his past. For example, the statement piece was inspired by a decoration he had in his store in Osaka in 2021, and he wanted to create a garment based on it that highlighted the relationship between colors and clothing. His creations also showed how his personality and desire to bring joy and play to the fashion world fit into his designs.

Additionally, Koizumi drew a lot of his inspiration from nature. As a result, he chose to make organic shapes rather than proper forms and came up with designs that didn’t fit into standard molds.

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Shop Our Dolce & Gabbana Pieces for a Similar Look

Unfortunately, Koizumi’s designs will not be put into production. That means you will not be able to purchase the outfits from this show. A great place to start would be the dresses featuring corsets and bodycon fits, which Koizumi drew much inspiration from.

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