Tips for Teen Girls to Look Fabulous in Ethnic Wear in School

Tips for Teen Girls to Look Fabulous in Ethnic Wear in School

Modernity and tradition is a great mix when it comes to celebrating culture. And when it comes to looking great in school, donning an ethnic wear with style and comfort is not always that easy. But with the right styling, accessorizing and makeup, you can pull off any ethnic outfit and look school-ready. If you are a fashion forward lady and would like to always look your best, especially while wearing your ethnic wear, here are some fashion tips that you can follow.

Keep your ethnicwear collection up to date

Ethnicwears continuously evolve. For people who value fashion-forward yet traditional attires, it’s important to always have some current ethnic attires available in your wardrobe. This is especially true if you prefer to wear your traditional clothes to school or during special events. With an updated ethnicwear, you can always look chic and fashionable. Just see to it that you pair it with the right set of casual hair, makeup and accessories.

Wear a jacket over your ethnic attire

Another college fashion tip that you can try is to wear a jacket on your ethnicwear to look more casual. A formal jacket can both level up your look and tone it down a bit so as to make you look more made up for a busy day in school. You can also experiment with other jackets or blazers to figure out which one will look better with your ethnic attire.

Buy an ethnicwear that suits your body frame

ethnic wear fashion tips for teen girls

The key to looking good is choosing clothes that look good on you. There are different cuts, styles and prints on these ethnicwears that you might want to try on first to see if it will suit your body type. Invest your money on clothes that you feel comfortable and confident wearing. This way, no matter how busy your day will be, you won’t have to feel bothered or irritated about what you are wearing while studying.

Choose an attire with a good fabric

ethinc fashion wear tips for teen girls

Your ethnicwear’s fabric can also affect the overall look of your attire. When it comes to school outfits, you should still pick out a fabric that is more casual than festive. Look for attires that are made with fabrics that are comfortable on the skin and wouldn’t make you feel irritated or itchy. At the same time, avoid choosing clothes with fabrics that are shiny or glittery as you might look more like going to a party and not to the school.

Wear clothes with bright shades

Clothes with bright shade are attention grabbing and can help boost mood. Most ethnic attires are usually designed with colorful shades as these clothes are mostly worn during festive occasions. So if you want to share your pride for your culture and ethnicity, wearing traditional clothes with colorful shades will definitely help improve your mood and those around you. Just try to dial down the spectrum so as to not look like a walking rainbow.

Accessorize it well

One thing you’d like to avoid when wearing ethnic clothes to look overdone. To look great in your ethnicwear, choose the right kind of accessories. If your outfit already looks colorful, try to tone down your accessories and go for the simple ones instead. Pair up and color coordinate your accessories with your clothes to make your getup look more put together. Remember that you are still going for a casual look for a day in school and not for a party, so avoid looking too decorated.

Try out different cuts

There are different types, cuts and styles of ethnic clothes that you can choose from. To make sure that your ethnic clothes are suitable for school wear, buy clothes that look simpler and not so festive. Go for ethnic clothes that are designed for casual wear and will help you move around without any hindrance.

Style your hair accordingly

ethnic wear fashion tips for teen girls
Not exactly this!

Your hair is your crowning glory. In everything that you wear, people will always notice how you fixed your hair. So to make the most of your ethnic attire, see to it that you choose a hairstyle that suits your overall look and is manageable at the same time. You wouldn’t want to style your hair too elaborate and have a hard time fixing it up in the office in case it gets messed up. Go for functionality first before everything else, as you are still going for an office attire even with traditional clothes on.

Wear light makeup

ethnic wear fashion tips for teen girls

One thing you wouldn’t want to make a mistake of doing is looking too made up for a day at the school. Even if you are wearing a traditional attire, you should still be wearing light makeup that won’t make you look like you are going to a party. A light and simple makeup is what you should aim for, something that looks nice but not too overpowering. Keep in mind that you will be wearing that makeup for a full day, so you might want to go easy on your skin.

Avoid wearing revealing clothes

ethnic wear fashion tips for teen girls

Even if you have the option to wear an ethnic dress at work, you should still choose an outfit that is appropriate for a college student. So avoid ethnicwear that has a low back or low cleavage, too short or too long, high slits, midriff and other similar clothes that bare too much skin or may make it difficult for you to move. Keep in mind that you are wearing your ethnic attire to school, so you should think about how suitable any outfit is.

ethnic wear fashion tips for teen girls

Don’t wear clothes that have dangles or hangings

Some traditional clothes tend to have additional details, such as dangles or any other hanging ornaments. For parties, clothes like those make sense, but if you wear them to school, they might just be a fashion faux pas waiting to happen. Any loose hanging can get caught somewhere and damage your outfit, especially since you are going to be working the whole day.

Style and comfort should always go hand in hand, whether it’s for your job interview outfit, for a day at the mall with friends, or even when wearing traditional clothes to your office. There is no harm in taking pride with your tradition and culture, but you wouldn’t want to be a fashion disaster just because you didn’t get to properly style your ethnic wear. With these tips, you can improve your look and be one of the culture-loving fashionistas in college.

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