Tips for Safe, Fun Dating in 2020

Tips for Safe, Fun Dating in 2020

Dating is an exciting, intimidating, and sometimes frustrating experience. It’s also a process that evolves with society — for instance, the popularity of internet dating has changed how many people meet and interact with their potential dates. If you’re looking to meet new people and hopefully find a special connection in 2020, these tips can help you to have a fun and safe experience. 

Consider Online Dating

Online dating offers many advantages, and it can help you to find dates without ever leaving your home. There are many different online dating apps available, but for online dating to be a success, you’ll need to choose the app that’s right for you. If you’re on the shy side, you might choose Zoosk, which offers automated initial messages so you don’t have to come up with the right words. is a popular option if you’re tired of the single-photo-based nature of apps like Tinder. However, if you are wary of the concept of online dating, I recommend you to check out some real online dating statistics that should put your mind at rest.

By better understanding online dating networks, you can make them work for you. Online dating sites don’t want you to know that they often create secret profile ratings, and those ratings can increase your chances of being shown to more site users. These ratings are often based on how users respond to your profile, like if they like your photo or swipe on your photo, so put in some time and effort when creating your dating profile to make it as strong as possible. 

If you’re camera-shy, it’s time to get over your fear, since quality photos are a must for your online dating profile. Have a trusted friend take some great photos of you, and take the time to get yourself looking (and feeling) great before the photo shoot. Have your friend take a bunch of photos so you can go back and choose the best one. 

Speaking of the right equipment for online dating, it might be time to upgrade your smartphone. A phone with a larger screen can make interacting online easier and allows you to see photos in more detail.

Don’t Be Afraid to Forego Online Dating

Don’t feel that you have to try online dating because everyone else is doing it. They aren’t. There are plenty of people who forego online dating and prefer to meet dates in a more traditional way. And if you want to avoid the stigma, time, or frustration of online dating, then a traditional route might be just right for you. 

There are countless ways to meet people that don’t involve making a profile online. Ask your friends if they know of any single people they could set you up with. Go to a blind dating event at a local bar or other venue. Get out into the community to increase your chances of meeting new people. Taking up a new hobby, like joining a casual sports team, playing in a music ensemble, or taking a class can also help you to meet local singles who you might not otherwise interact with. 

Take Steps to Prevent Sexual Assault

When you’re meeting up with someone new, especially while on a date, you do need to think about consent, sexual assault, and what to do if the situation becomes unsafe. It’s important to understand that sexual activity needs to be consensual for both parties, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Consent can also be revoked at any time. 

Certain factors can increase the chances of sexual violence. Excessive drinking, a history of child abuse, and an acceptance of violence are just a few of those risk factors. If you’re going on a date with someone you’ve just met, keep the date in a public location. Don’t be afraid to walk away from the situation if you feel uncomfortable, and listen to your instincts when meeting and interacting with new people. 

Prepare for Your First Date

The first date with someone new is exciting, but it’s also normal to be nervous. Dating advice tips like preparing for a conversation and being confident can help relieve some of those pre-date jitters. While you’ll want to look nice for the date, don’t go over the top and wear an outfit or makeup that really doesn’t fit in with what you usually wear. Instead, focus on an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, attractive, and confident. 

Remember that every date won’t be perfect, and that’s okay. You’ll go out with people who you don’t match well with, and you’ll have some awkward date experiences. But that’s all part of the process of getting to know yourself and what you’re looking for in a person. With time, that right person will come along. Until then, try to enjoy the dating process. 

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