With You Through Time

With You Through Time


Ever touched the darkest hour with a touch of light?
Given into a sinful flight
Where two world blend in fear and fearlessness
Where two souls are lost and found
I’d give it all for a love profound
I’d give it all with love abound

I’d let myself wander
Even if just for a spell
The difference between two worlds to tell
To tell the black from the white
Surrender to the blurring sight

To know.. if just a whiff of sin inhaled
Could take me far from the lands I sailed
And take me to a mystery land

To know your touch
And know your craft
To know your flesh
And know your smell

Once Again to leave that world
I’ll take a whiff of smoke and hurl
I’d wake up from my daily dream
With a tear drop smiling through my gleam

I’d know then that you’d been there through time
That living in love is not my crime!

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  1. yes it is mystry to under stand this type of genration. all is this one.

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