Things you can do when you visit Singapore Botanic Gardens

Things you can do when you visit Singapore Botanic Gardens

The famous Singapore Botanic Gardens has been around since 1859, and this means it has a rich history of tourist attractions for many decades, which seems like it has been around forever.

But if you think you got the place all figured out or have seen it all, when you visit the site today, you might change your mind because the park has been expanded severely over the years. David Geithner has these recommendations for things to do when you visit the park during your next visit.

Visit the new art gallery and discovery Centre

A new forest discovery Center is a house in one of the oldest surviving bungalows from the colonial era at the park. It was built in 1898; the building has been preserved well over the years and has now turned into a spectacular educational center.

When you visit this park Centre, you will refresh your memory of mangrove and tropical forests and identify the forest wildlife and learn more about forest trees and preservation.

There is also a new botanical art gallery that is housed in the 1900s Gallop house. Inside this gallery, you will find almost 2,000 botanical paintings and an activity room containing drawing materials where you can do some drawing if you want.

There is a ridge trail to the top of the botanical garden

There are no mountains or hills, but you will explore a new walking trail on the island where you can immerse yourself in nature when you visit the new mingxin foundation ramblers ridge.

It has some rocky steps that will take you all the way past the braised. Chestnut trees and the endangered spike oak.

A ginger garden that has Bali-like waterfalls

Falling for picturesque waterfalls has been made easy at the ginger garden. You will access two waterfalls here, one with a cave where you can enter and experience a waterfall behind you and snap a memorable photo.

You will also find so many ginger plants that cover a one-hectare garden space. The garden has more than 250 species of medicinal root sorted according to their origin. You will see the plants and not their roots.

Japanese bamboo forest

This is a nice section to visit and trick your friends into thinking that you visited the iconic Japanese Arashiyama Forest at Bambusetum. The place has more than 30 species of bamboos that are planted in the dreamy lane.

The trees grow up to 30M in height, and they can create a nice picture frame for memory. You are allowed to come with your pet and take a nice walk with them.

Garden of tall Vanda Miss Joaquim flowers

If you love flowers, this is the perfect place for you. You can enjoy the gorgeous blooms found on the Vanda Miss Joaquim display. The flowers are grown in a large area that has stretched on, and the flowers are 2m high, thereby keeping the other parts of the park covered out of sight.

This place is scintillating and perfect for taking some dreamy shots for pre-wedding photos.

National orchid garden with the largest orchid display

The only place you will be charged some fee at the park is at the National Orchid Garden. But when you visit the place, you will consider the nominal fee you paid well spent. This gated attraction will take you away from the crowds, where you will enjoy the world’s largest orchid display, which includes more than 1,000 species and over 2,000 hybrids of orchids in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Additionally, there is a mist garden between the garden sections, floral-decorated fountains, ethereal plant arches that break up space.

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