Things You Can Do to Prepare Your House for Roof Restoration

Things You Can Do to Prepare Your House for Roof Restoration

Roof materials deteriorate after a few years, and homeowners need to repair, restore or replace the roof at the right time. In case of problems like leakage, damp spots, mold, or cracks, you can go for roof restoration. However, in case the entire roof is damaged, replacement is the better option. 

However, there are many things that need to be done to prepare a house for roof restoration. If you have anything installed on the roof, you need to remove it and also prepare the entire house. Let us explore all the things you need to do before a roof restoration.

Call a roofing professional for an inspection.

The first step homeowners should take for roof restoration is to call a professional to inspect the roof. A professional would come and inspect your roof for signs of damage. The most common signs can be the occurrence of leaks. Also, look for loose flashing that can lead to water damage. 

Remove everything from the roof.

Most people have dish antennas installed on their roofs, while some homeowners have solar panels. If you have any antennas, solar panels, or any other item installed on the roof, you need to remove them for the complete restoration of the roof. 

Make your roof accessible.

A roof restoration project required plenty of supplies and equipment to work. Workers need a clear path to access the roof and bring the required raw materials and equipment to the roof. Find several spots that make access to your roof easy and make sure there are no obstacles like vehicles, structures, and trees in these spots. Easy access to your roof through the pathway and driveway will make the project much convenient. 

Remove the valuable items in the attic.

During the process of roof restoration, many workers will work on your roof. Dust and debris are likely to fall in the attic spaces. So, it is essential to keep the cover of valuable items with drop cloths or vinyl sheets until the restoration process is completed. 

Remove the fragile items from your walls.

Workers use heavy-duty tools like hammers and drills on your roof during repairs and restoration. The fragile items on your walls may break or get damaged due to vibrations from heavy tools. Remove all the items from your walls and store them in a safe place until the restoration work goes on. 

Move the outdoor furniture and garden lights.

The workers will throw away the old roof material and debris while working. You will be required to keep your vehicles, outdoor furniture, and lights safe during work. Removing these items prevents them from getting damaged and creating a risk for workers. 

Non-removable items in the garden

Some items are fixed and required professional assistance to uninstall them. There are landscape items like garden drips and sprinklers that are rarely invisible to visitors and new people. Roof workers may not see them and damage them, or the sprinklers and lights can cause accidents if they are hidden in the grass. Therefore, you can cover them with red-colored flags that are easily available at home improvement stores. 

Don’t allow the pets and kids to play in the yard.

While it can be exciting to see from a safe distance, work areas are very dangerous for children and pets. Talk to your children to explain that certain areas of the house or yard will be off-limits until the project is complete. Since young children and pets may not understand these dangers, you may feel more comfortable visiting family or friends at home.

Plan your cleaning

A good roofing contractor will use wire and other protective measures to ensure that no nails or other pieces of roof fall on the grass or in the path. However, there is always the possibility that nails and debris will escape after working on the roof. To avoid drilling and other deterioration incidents, plan your cleaning project after the roof is finished to get rid of dust, nails, and any other residual nuisance.

Final Words

These were some things to do to prepare your home for roof restoration. All these things will make your assets, pets, and family safe during the roofing work. These tips will also help you to prevent any damage to your property during the restoration project. 

Christie Lewis
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