Things to Look for When Buying a Tie

Things to Look for When Buying a Tie

If you are not used to wearing neckties, but run into occasions that require you to wear one, it is imperative that you know what to look for in a tie. There are a variety of ties to choose from, each of which is a suits a certain occasion or outfit ensemble. You can buy ready-made ties, or you can choose to buy custom ties, whichever is more appropriate as to where you will be wearing the ties.

But, of course, the first thing that you will have to consider before deciding to buy is the quality of the tie. The quality of the tie also comes with its price. So, you should first know what specific tie you really want, and how much are you willing to shell out for such a tie. Because, even though neckties are just a relatively small component to a man’s ensemble, they still make a piece of statement which attracts more than a fair share of attention.

In choosing the tie, you will have to really think about it because if you are wearing an outfit that is really well thought out, and is coordinated in any way, chances are, most people are going to compliment your tie or your pocket square when they see you. One of the reasons behind this is because there are also cheap low-quality versions of neckties and they still manage to stand out especially if you are able to find a great one which really compliments your ensemble.

With a history of over 150 years, the world of ties has indeed come a long way with a whole lot of designers creating some of the superb and high-quality versions. And because of the many varieties, it has become difficult for men to choose a tie which is truly a good one amongst all of the piles available.

Below are some considerations to mull over.

Check the proportion

Like other things, ties also come in various shapes and sizes. Thus it is important to get yourself a tie that will match well with your body frame along with the ensemble that you will be wearing.

Say, for example, you are wearing a blazer or a suit jacket, the width of your tie should follow the lapels on your suit jacket or your blazer. If your tie is inconsistent with your outfit, it can result in your outfit looking out of balance which can draw attention to yourself but for the wrong reasons. Getting a tie that complements well with your existing look is a key factor to consider when you are purchasing a tie.

Check the fabric

The fabric is always the king. In purchasing not only ties but also other menswear items, the fabric always plays a big role in considering if the item is good or not. When it comes to ties, silk has always been a popular choice because silk is one of the most long-lasting fabrics in the world. Even though silk is naturally soft, the tensile strength of this fabric is very high. The reason is because of the fabric’s elasticity because this contributes significantly to the tensile strength of silk.
The silk fabrics also retain their shape and also have moderate resistance to wrinkling. This fabric also drapes well which is, of course, a key quality for the necktie to maintain its shape thereby allowing you to create many types of knots.

Check the shell

The shell means the body of the necktie. A good necktie should consist of three main pieces – the blade which is the large end of the necktie, then the tail which is the small and thinner portion of the necktie, and then the gusset which is the neck piece which adjoins the two.
If you have found these three components in a tie, this means that you have found a good quality tie, and also making you an expert in buying a tie.

Check the Cut on the Bias

A tie that is well-constructed is made out of fabric that has been cut on the bias, that is, at a 45-degree angle. In cutting the fabric on the bias, this means that this has been cut diagonally across the grain of the fabric thereby allowing the tie to assume its original shape after knotting. The bias cut also enables a finished tie to lie flat and then resist turning the tie over to one side.

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