Therapists and 3 Other Ways to Deal with Mental Health Problems

Therapists and 3 Other Ways to Deal with Mental Health Problems

Mental health is one of those areas of healthcare which has been attracting attention not from very long. Historically speaking, because there were so many epidemics that broke out in 18th and 19th century and took so many lives, the focus of the medical community had been largely on improving physical health.

So we had cures for yellow fever, smallpox, fatal skin blisters, so on and so forth, dropping in every decade or so. Mental health problems either went untreated or entirely unacknowledged. Thankfully, things are changing. While we have made giant leaps when it comes to dealing with physical health problems, the last few decades have also witnessed a growing empathy and medical attention drawn towards those dealing with issues that have seemingly imperceptible symptoms.

It is equally important, if not more, to have sound mental health as it is to be in the pink of your physical health. As per the latest numbers, 25% of the global population is suffering from some form of mental disorder – anxiety, depression or simply stress related issues. So, while the medical community is focussed on medical cures and treatments, what can also help is making simple changes in lifestyle, which can go a long way in fighting the problem.

Let’s look at a few essentials for maintaining a sound mental health:

Maintain Positive relationships

Having amicable terms with friends, family or colleagues automatically leads to happiness and remote chances of suffering from anxiety and depression. Make sure you take out time to meet your close connections every now and then and just have a good time.

Don’t let challenges stress you out

Let’s just say it would be a supernatural thing if everything went on smoothly in life. Setbacks and challenges are a part of life. If you get so bogged down by them that you start spending hours brooding and moping over problems instead of dealing with them head-on, it is a direct invitation to a whole lot of mental health problems.

Get creative

As we grow older, the daily grind of life totally obscures the creative kid that still lives on inside of us. But guess what, it doesn’t have to. We are so caught up cribbing about our busy schedules that we do not realize we get just enough time to try out refreshing activities like drawing, playing sports, learning music etc. if you keep yourself in touch with that side of yours, mental health problems will be easily kept at bay.

Seek help from mental health therapists

People read the word ‘therapist’ and start equating it with a very serious problem. However, therapists are not people who you should only go to as the last resort. It is perfectly normal to sign up with a professional therapist if you only find yourself increasingly anxious or in an early stage of depression. Therapists are equipped to deal with mental health issues of all severity levels. And if you are wondering where to look for one, BetterHelp can guide you towards finding a professional therapist in your area; and there is no dearth of options.


As we become more sensitized towards those having some form of mental health challenges, it is important to stay abreast of all the ways that can deal with those challenges. But what’s most important is to stop ignoring it as “just a phase.”

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