The Ultimate Guide: How to Dress Better in 2019

The Ultimate Guide: How to Dress Better in 2019

We all know appearances matter and, sometimes, you simply don’t get the second chance to the make that first impression. Fashion plays a vital role in this type of situations and how good your fashion style is determines a lot more than just that.

This year, the fashion game is more exciting than ever. You can combine different styles while you’re going through dozens of trends that are quite popular all over the world. If you’re not certain what’s hot and what’s not, a good piece of advice would be to always pay attention to what stores put on their dress form mannequin or purchase one for your home to check out outfits.

For those who want to seriously improve the way their dress, we’ve decided to create an ultimate guide with useful tips and tricks. 

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Stop Buying Things You Won’t Wear

We’re all guilty of this but buying something just because it’s trending right now or your friends have it is a complete waste of your money. Also, when buying for weddings or similar occasions, make sure that dress, skirt or blouse can be worn multiple times later. 

The best way to look fashionable always is to have a few pieces that can be combined with other clothes in your wardrobe. So, buying a dress you will only wear once should be replaced by buying one dressier piece that will go great with something you already have. 

Give Away Pieces That Don’t Fit

You open your closet and you can’t believe how much clothes you actually have, but when you need to find something to wear, it seems like there are no more than a few pieces there. Sounds familiar? That’s because we tend to keep things that don’t fit us anymore or we’re probably never going to use them again. 

Get rid of all the things you know you will never wear again. This way, you will have a realistic overview of how much items you can actually wear and what is the next thing you need to buy. If it feels difficult to do that, just remind yourself you didn’t wear any of that anyway so nothing will really change. 

Be Careful When Experimenting With a Different Style

So, now that the sports apparel is one of the biggest trends, you’ve decided to go for a full sports look even though you haven’t worked out in years. It might seem like a harmless idea to spend hundreds of dollars on new leggings, sneakers, hoodies, sweatpants and hats, but how many times will you actually wear something that’s not your style?

It’s different to buy a tie-dye t-shirt just to try out that look, but going all-in with a new look just because it’s hot right now is not something you should do. Besides the amount of space it will take in your closet, your money could be spent on something you will enjoy wearing. 

Think Twice When Buying Items on Sale

It is sale season and you can’t wait to hit the stores to get some great deals and bring your new items home, right? We are all guilty of buying things just because there’s a big discount on them but think twice before every purchase. You might think it’s better to spend $30 on three blouses that could be useful in the future but refuse to spend $60 on a quality pair of jeans you will wear every day.

Don’t let the price or even discount fool you. You’re buying this for yourself and your decision should be based on how many times you will wear this item. If you buy a dress for $15 and never wear it, it’s like you threw those $15 out of your pocket on the street. Be wise with your choices!

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Take a Photo When Shopping

Taking photos can be useful to you in two situations. First, when you’re trying new outfits and you’re simply not certain should you purchase this dress, shirt, skirt or shorts, so you need to think about it a bit. As you’ll probably forget how it looked on you by the time you get home, take a photo of yourself and look at it closely after a few hours.

The second situation where taking photos can help you make better choices is when you need to combine your new and old clothes. For instance, your friend is celebrating her birthday and you have the perfect dress for it and you just need shoes. Instead of guessing what could go well, take a photo of the dress you have at home and compare it to the shoes in stores. 

Additional Tips:

  • Go through your wardrobe every once in a while to see what items need to be replaced with new ones. 
  • Determine how many new clothing items you can buy each month or season to prevent yourself from making rash decisions. 
  • Research online to find the brands that fit your style and follow them to get notified when there’s a discount, sale or contest. 
  • If you love to wear something a lot e.g. jeans, hats or scarfs, don’t hesitate to purchase more of these items. Wear what you feel comfortable in!
  • When something gets damaged, try to repair it before throwing it away. 
  • Start following your inspirational fashion icons on social media for ideas. 
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