10 Most Popular Home Designs

10 Most Popular Home Designs

For people looking to build a home, there are a few essential things to consider. Looking at the best options for a home design that works best for your family is one of the most essential aspects in deciding on a home. Since most people that build their own home plan on living in it for generations to come, smart planning is important. While square footage is an essential component to a home, the interior floor plan and exterior design play a vital role in the functionality, enjoyment, and use of the home.

Understanding the basics of different home designs can help when making this major decision. Each structural design offers its own unique benefits but also may have adversities for specific buyers that need to be considered.

Top Home Designs Building Company QCoast Homes Offers Include:

The Classic Ranch

This is a one-story structure that can come in a variety of dimensions. While many of them are rectangular, there are ranch designs that are L-shaped, H -shaped or T-shaped as well. These designs can offer a greater sense of diversity. This is the perfect style home for people who are looking for one story living designs.

The Cape

This is a two-story structure that has an angled roofline that can make some of the second story rooms have shorter angled ceilings making those rooms seem smaller. Often the popularity of these homes is in the exterior aesthetics and the cost savings in construction because of the roofline. These homes can have a dormered extension on the second floor, which lessens the angled effect. However, these designs do not allow for full attic spaces.

The Colonial

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This is a traditional two-story home. While the exterior of a colonial home may have a variety of aesthetical appearances, the layout and designs are basic on the interior with some architectural variations. They typically have two stories with a full attic and are often designed with 8 rooms or more with equal rooms on both floors.

The Bungalow

The bungalow design is a unique style that often has taller ceilings on the first floor and may have some angles in the second-floor ceilings. They do not necessarily have the same amount of rooms on the second floor as the first. These structures are well known to have few halls on the first-floor plan offering greater flow between the rooms.

The Split-Level

This is a flexible style that allows for great diversity in the floor plan. They traditionally have three floors separated by five stairs on each floor. These homes usually are expensive but do not allow for traditional basement or attic space.

The English Tudor

This is a classic colonial with a much higher sense of architectural design. They often feature center home staircases and open foyers. They also are often designed with a few unique windows and may feature at least one room that has high ceilings. These floor plans are usually open.

The Contemporary

These home designs can come in a variety of styles with one, two, or even three stories. Cathedral ceilings and skylights are typical, and they often have family rooms and sunrooms that are accented on the first floor. These rooms may feature a sunken room design with one step down and are often expanded off the side or back of the home.

The Raised Ranch

This design is a two-story structure with 7 to 8 steps between each floor. The lower level may or may not be finished and is traditionally like a basement with half of it being above ground with windows. Because it has window space in the lower level, these areas are often finished off and used as family rooms or in-law apartments.

The Chalet

This is usually an open span home with most of the living space on the first floor. The second floor often features angled cathedral ceilings. In some smaller chalet’s, there are loft bedrooms which do not feature full bedrooms and are open to the lower level with a balcony.

One of the most notable features of a chalet is the expansive window space in the home. These are very popular in vacation destinations and people who have homes situated on lots with a view of a lake, ocean or mountains.

The Victorian

This is similar to a traditional colonial with a lot more style. These homes are aesthetically beautiful on the outside and have many nooks in the home. They often feature expansive hallways, open floor plans and little accents such as window seats and mini-rooms for extra storage or a small office. These homes often have an enormous amount of charm and dens are quite popular with these homes.

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