The Pros and Cons of Sending E Christmas cards

The Pros and Cons of Sending E Christmas cards

The digital world is getting more advanced by the minute. And people are getting exposed to easier ways of communicating with each other. Even businesses share in on the spoils by reaching out to their customers through these modern means of communication. Think about it for a second. The electronic world has it that you can now send cards, called e-cards, by just clicking a button. Like you literally click a button and, voila, you have sent e-cards to all the recipients in your mailing list. And this Christmas, many businesses may be hoping to send the electronic architect Christmas cards instead of the hand-written cards which are more hectic to pull off especially if you have millions of recipients worldwide. If manually sending the Christmas cards is your only option, then there is also a chance that you may reconsider sending those architect Christmas cards you already have prepared for your clients.

Most e-Christmas cards are also animated in such a way that they look so intriguing and attractive. You can customize it to come with a particular sound, movement, or even visual. Or even a combination of all the above options. In most cases, the only thing your recipients lack from the 3-Christmas cards is the lack of feel of paper. Otherwise, let us delve into the pros and cons of sending your families, friends and clients e-Christmas cards.

The pros

  • E-cards arrive to the recipients quickly

It is true that your recipients will receive your e-Christmas cards a lot faster than the hand-made Christmas cards that are sent through the postal office. In most instances, it is the design and other processes of preparing the e-cards that take time. For example, a pre-made e-Christmas card can take about a day or two for the designers to incorporate your message plus logo into your card fully. But then a fully customized e-Christmas card can take weeks to complete. You have to work to prepare customized e-cards for your existing mail list. The good thing about using the e-mail sending system is it is instant. Your recipients get the e-cards in their inboxes instantly. You do not have to worry about any printing or post office delays.

  • It encourages interaction

Another benefit of using the e-cards as a mode to send your recipients Christmas cards is because you get to have a direct connection with your recipients. And all the two of you need to interact is a direct connection to the internet. For businesses, linking your website URL below the e-Christmas card is also another inexpensive way of encouraging your recipients to click on, and access your website. You can also customize your e-cards to solicit feedback from your customers and hopefully start a conversation. For example, adding a reply button is one excellent way of encouraging feedback and, thus, interaction from your recipients.

  • You can expand the narrative

One excellent option for using the e-Christmas cards this year is that they can include animations and videos embedded into your message. And this allows the senders of the e-cards to include a lot more information than you would when using the printed cards instead. Using the e-cards, you can include photos plus a small video summary showing your firm’s accomplishments throughout the year. You can expand your narrative whichever way you wish.

  • Environmentally friendly

E-cards have a carbon footprint which is far smaller when compared to the printed cards. And even though companies that make printed Christmas cards now use soy-based ink and recycled paper, they still end up producing a lot more waste than the e-cards. And that makes the e-cards the better option if you also factor in the environment and eco-system.

  • Cost-friendly

E-Cards also win by a landslide when it comes to factors like cost and time efficiency. While printed cards can cost or range to $10 or even more, e-cards typically go for between $0.1. And $4 per recipient. And this is after the design and sending costs have also been factored in.

The cons

  • They are intangible

There is always a likelihood that your e-Christmas cards could get lost in the sea of emails your recipients get especially around and during Christmas times. And if it somehow doesn’t have to deal with the pool of inboxes, then it may even end up being blocked by a spam filter. You know your recipients have received your e-cards. But you never know whether your recipients have seen the cards. In any case, a printed card has a more likely chance of being seen and read by your recipients as opposed to the e-cards.

  • Are an impersonal option

In as much as you can customize your e-cards to be more personalized and interactive, it does not come any closer to how personal a printed card gets. Most recipients associate emails to be the quick and easy option of communication whereas what brings out the more personal touch to a card message is the thoughtful and meaningful communication method. And printed cards provide the best solution to this debacle. As your clients can always read them, hold, and even cherish them for longer provided you conveyed your message right.

  • Fear of opening from recipients

The world is becoming more dangerous by the day with hackers and scammers looming from every corner hoping to take advantage of an unsuspecting victim. For this reason, your recipients, especially the paranoid ones, may fail to open your e-cards for fear that they may contain viruses or other forms of malware or dangerous online ransomware. Either way, this information is enough to make even your loyal customers fail to open your emails and especially the attachments on the emails like e-cards.

Final thoughts

From the above points, it is safe to conclude that sending e-Christmas cards to your recipients is not an easy task. However, it does come with many advantages that if you believe outweigh the disadvantages, can work in your favor. Some businesses still prefer the old-fashioned way of sending Christmas cards, and so far, it seems to be working very well in their favor. But then again, it is not bad to try and experiment if other options can also work for you. Who knows? They may even end up working much better than you anticipated.

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