The Loungewear Trends That Have Taken Over in 2020

The Loungewear Trends That Have Taken Over in 2020

While people are staying home and social distancing, there is a more relaxed approach to what to wear while working from home. The loungewear trend is having a moment, and we’re all about it. Women around the world are keeping up with the latest in fashion tips and trends and trading in their high heels and corporate suits for cozy and comfortable work from home attire. Men are ditching suits for silk robes and matching pajama sets. 

With so many new styles popping up, loungewear goes beyond something to sleep in or watching all-day Netflix marathons. Just because you love comfort, you don’t have to sacrifice style. These loungewear sets are suitable for Zoom calls with your team and watching and teaching the kids all day. 

Here’s a look at the must-have stylish loungewear trends of the season. 

Matching Sets 

We don’t know how long it will be until things go back to normal, but we do know that investing in a luxury loungewear set is a decision you won’t regret. These pieces reflect elegance and are designed with the most delicate fabrics that feel so cozy against your skin. But these days, you can walk outside wearing matching sets that will  elevate your work from home style. Brands have designed silk and coordinated sets that make you forget that you’ve been in your pj’s all day long. We know that’s hard to do when it seems like you haven’t done anything productive all day. Kick that guilt to the curb and make the best of your time in quarantine in a loungewear set that feels good and makes you look good.

Dorian Blue Linen Top and Pants

Cozy Oversized Knits

When it comes to all the trending loungewear styles, the cozy oversized knit is one of our favorites. There is no denying the comfort of a soft, roomy sweater that feels like it’s made just for you. Don’t be fooled, just because these knits are insanely baggy; they’re anything but sloppy. Few wouldn’t love slipping into a cozy oversized knit and settling into a productive workday. Need to step out to pick up some milk? A comfy knit is perfect for that effortless look when really, you didn’t do much at all. It’ll also keep the chill off you. What more could you ask for? 

Leggings and Yoga Pants 

A woman in tight leggings doing hot Yoga

Every woman has a go-to pair of leggings and yoga pants, and paired with an oversized comfy knit; these wardrobe staples are here to stay. Whether you prefer classic black, neutral colors, or something fun with an all-over print, quality yoga pants move with your body. Hence, that’s why they’re ideal for yoga sessions, running errands, and working from home. Higher waist yoga pants are big this season, and whether you need tummy coverage or not, they work to sculpt the body. Go bold in a neon or animal print matching crop and tights combo or opt for a ⅞ length that hugs your ankles. 

Stretchy Fabrics 

If you’re after comfort, hunker down in stretchy fabrics that move with your body rather than restricting you. While we love leggings and yoga pants, sometimes you need a little extra room, so you don’t feel constricted. Stretchy fabrics like Bamboo are a big win this season (and every season for that matter) because they’re breathable, lightweight, and moisture-wicking.

Drop Crotch Slouch Pants

If you think loungewear means wearing baggy sweatpants and old t-shirts from 1992 that are so soft, you can’t bear to let go of them, then you wouldn’t exactly be wrong. But it’s 2020 and in 2020, the ‘pottering around the house’ look has been upgraded. For ultimate comfort, the drop crotch pant is a must. This style of pants is edgy and oh, so comfy. With extra room for the thighs, they provide great flexibility so you can cross your legs or curl up on the couch without restriction.

Black and White Stripe Jade Slouch Pants

Men’s Loungewear styles 

We can’t mention loungewear without thinking about our guys. We all want to look and feel our best, especially during isolation. From soft cotton sweats to silk robes, every homebody knows comfort is key. During the winter months, wool is a big player in loungewear styles, and in the warmer months, pure cotton is a must. Pajama sets are also big this season, and neutral colors like black and navy look classic, elegant, and sophisticated. 

While we don’t know how long we’ll need to continue to isolate, upgrading your loungewear is something that you’ll never regret. There are plenty of pj’s and loungewear sets for every style and budget right now. Whether you prefer a coordinated matching set or something that feels luxurious against your skin, you have options. Elevate your work from home style with loungewear sets that are all about comfort. 

While life, socializing, and attending events are on hold, spend all day in something chic, soft, and comfortable. 

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