The Interesting History Of Polarized Sunglasses

The Interesting History Of Polarized Sunglasses

We’re all familiar with the term ‘polarized’ when talking about sunglasses, and while most of us know that polarized lenses cut out glare, most people are unfamiliar with the history of polarized sunglasses.

Edwin Land was the man who discovered Polaroid, which is a thin plastic coating that filters out glare, which he patented in 1929 and began to market in 1932.

The Science Behind Polarization

How does polarization work?

A thin polymer film contains crystals of herapathite and these needle-like crystals are stretched during the manufacturing process, aligning them to be dichroic, which only allows certain light through, while blocking out light that is not lined up with the crystals.

The crystal formation can be as a result of stretching or applying electric or magnetic fields, and modern Polaroid film would use electricity to guide the crystals into the ideal position.

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The Polaroid Corporation

Edwin Hand was a very shrewd businessman and he joined forces with investors and formed the Polaroid Corporation in 1937, and their original orders were for the windows of trains, to cut out annoying glare.

The start of WW2 saw the demand for Hand’s product as thousands of pairs of military field glasses had a Polaroid film added, and the company grew from strength to strength.

Polaroid continued to make strides into the sunglasses industry, enjoying success in the 60s, 70, and 80s, but in October of 2001, the Polaroid Corporation filed for bankruptcy. 

Polaroid Patents

Even though the Polaroid Corporation went bust, the patents were bought and sold to various investors and in 2011.

The Polaroid patents were acquired by an Italian designer and maker of sports eyewear, Safilio, who has a memorable sunglasses collection that is worth a fortune!

Designer Sunglasses

There are styles to suit every occasion when you check out Humps Optics polarized sunglasses that are very durable and are UV rated. Plus, the online supplier also has an extensive catalogue, all at very affordable prices.

From sporty wraparound to leisure wear, you can buy polarized sunglass with high UV protection, and thanks to developing technology, the shades are virtually unbreakable.

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Polaroid Eyewear

This is the brand name that the Safilio Group own and market and every pair of sunglasses that uses the term ‘polarized’ has used a Polaroid coating film.

It is not known whether Safilio Group plans to hold on to the name Polaroid, which must be a very valuable asset indeed.

Online Solutions

Fortunately, you can instantly be viewing top designer polarized sunglasses with a Google search, and for Australians, you have some of the best designer ‘sunnies’ in the world.

There are styles to suit every occasion and these sunglasses can really take a beating, which is ideal if you are a sports lover and have an active lifestyle. Lots of research and development has gone into creating sunglasses that stand the test of time.

With a little TLC, your designer sunglasses could last for many years.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that you must ensure the shades are polarized and have UV protection; other than that, look for styles that best represent your character and your shades will complement your look, while being very effective at removing glare.

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