The Diamonds In Diamond Paintings

The Diamonds In Diamond Paintings

Diamond painting is an artistic mosaic craft usually described as a cross between cross stitch and paint by numbers. It doesn’t use real diamonds, in case you were wondering, but small beads. The works are created using diamond painting kits that range in complexity from simple designs to more elaborate ones. Diamond kits may vary according to each supplier, but they all have the basics; 

  1. A canvas with numbers and symbols that match the diamond colors. The surface of the canvas has a layer of glue to enable the painter to stick diamonds onto it with ease.
  2. Diamond painting kits contain diamonds in multiple colors. Each color has a code displayed on the canvas, which is where they would fit in. The more diamond colors in a kit, the more detailed the final painting will be.
  3. A tray that usually has dents to help you separate and organize your diamonds in their respective colors.
  4. Diamond applicator tool or pen, which looks a lot like a pen, except at the nib it is hollow. The diamond applicator tool or pen is dipped in wax or glue at the nib so that the diamonds can easily be picked up. Ordinary diamond applicator tools or pens can pick one diamond at a time, but some can pick up more at a time. Speak to your supplier about the range of their diamond applicator tools or pens. Pens with the ability to pick more than one diamond at a time are handy for large paintings where you would have to use the same color over a large surface.
  5. Tub of wax or glue to insert into the tool/pen.

To complete the work, you take a diamond (one at a time) and putit into a corresponding slot. The slot and the bead must have the same number or code. Once all the diamonds are put into place, a sparkling painting will emerge. It has become popular because of how simple, therapeutic, and quick to finish it is. You don’t need any experience to get started, and it appeals to both young and old enthusiasts.

Round and Square Drills

The diamonds are often referred to as drills. Drills are categorized as either round or square, according to their shape. 

Square drills, or square diamonds, are preferred because they can easily line up. They are approximately 0.25 cm in size. Due to its shape, there will be fewer gaps between the drills, and this creates a complete look.

Round drills, or round diamonds, work with diamond pens better. They are approximately 0.28 cm in size. The gaps between the diamonds are only noticeable at a close distance, but they can provide an artistic edge to the piece. Beginners prefer and use these more often because they are better suited for smaller diamond paintings and are easier to pick up.

Partial and full drills

The artwork can also be either a partial drill or a full drill. A partial drill means that only a portion of the artwork will be pasted with drills or diamonds. Partials drills are also called a diamond scroll stitch as it resembles a cross-stitch. A full drill means that the entire artwork will be pasted with drills or diamonds. Full drills are also referred to as diamond mosaics since the completed work will look like a mosaic of sorts.

3D and 5D drills 

The drills or diamonds can also be classified as either 3D or 5D, which refers to the number of facets that they have. The more sides a drill or diamond has, the shinier it is.

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