The Caulfield Cup 2019: Date, Tips and Form Guide

The Caulfield Cup 2019: Date, Tips and Form Guide

The Caulfield Cup is an event that unites the whole nation and is a pillar of modern horse racing in Australia. However, the cup has a long history, dating back to 1879 and from its purely Australian roots, it has now become an event of international significance.

Part of the excitement is the $5 million prize pool which is a huge pull for many who attend the race. A majority of winners of the Caulfield Cup also go on to race in the Melbourne Cup.

The event also has a great social scene and after the main race there is a range of events that are there for entertainment, so this can definitely make a great day out.

Caulfield Cup Tips

One of the comments levelled at the race is that is on the top-heavy side meaning that only a small selection of horses have a fair chance of winning, and this is not too far from the mark. Usually, bookmaker’s odds reflect this, but this shouldn’t stop you from placing a bet as you will still get a number of opportunities to come out with a profit.

The advice is to stick to reputable bookmakers and look carefully at the odds so that you can assess which horses are likely to be the winners. Obviously, there is always a chance of one of the underdogs coming in unexpectedly, so if you want the fun of a rogue bet on one of these, check out the form of the contenders to see which one might be in with a chance.

Caulfield Cup Form Guide

With some of the best horses in the world competing in the race the Caulfield Cup is always a fantastic spectacle – the course is 2,400 metres with 18 participants, and this Group 1 race ranks as one of the toughest but one of the most lucrative handicap events in the world and is only just behind the Melbourne Cup in the popularity stakes. Most notable wins in more recent years include Fawkner in 2013, Dunaden in 2012, Southern Speed in 2011 and Descarado in 2010. Check in with a few decent bookmakers to assess the odds for this year, and for beginners, this is a simple process.

For those horses with a big chance of performing well, short odds are offered and longs odds will be offered for those with less chance of success but with a bigger payout if they happen to succeed.

Lots of people will be giving out acdvice nearer the day but there are plenty of good online reviews about recent form, barriers, track conditions and odds, so if you are serious about your wager take some time to read through these.

Caulfield Cup Date

The race date for this year is October 19 2019, and a number of other races take place on this day including the Moonga Stakes, Caulfield Sprint, Ethereal Stakes and Tristarc Stakes. There are a host of other activities you can join in with including dining packages, fashion shows and other events, many attended by A-list celebrities.

The Caulfield Cup is actually part of a longer event known as the Caulfield Cup Carnival for those who want the whole package. This involves three days of racing and other events including the Ladies Day Blue Sapphire Stakes. Whether you choose the main event, opt for the full three days, or watch it from the comfort of your home or a bar you are in a for a treat and the excitement is almost unbearable as you wait for the winners to come in!

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