The best photo editing apps for your phone in 2021

The best photo editing apps for your phone in 2021
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Whether you’re part of a business keen to create great visual content or you’re wanting to spruce up some holiday snaps before sharing them with your friends on social media, photo editing apps are the go-to option for many image sharers of today. 

Perhaps you’ve just remodelled your bathroom, or you’re keen to share some birthday snaps with your closest friends, using some sort of a photo editing app enables you to display your pictures in the best way possible and make a picture-perfect through handy tools such as cropping, adding filters, and using various sharpening tools and features. The editing options are comprehensive, and it’s ultimately about finding the best app for you and your smartphone. 

As an array of photo editing apps continue to be accessed all around the world, we thought we’d go through some of the best creations for your phone in 2021. 


Available on both iOS and Android, VSCO is a free photo editing app that combines a camera, editing tools and a thriving online community all in one place. Whether you’re keen to edit some family photos or show your swathes of followers just how much gaming progress you’re making at, VSCO and its selection of filters definitely has you covered. Some filters make it seem like you’ve used an analogue film camera, while other more subtle and soft filters are available too. You can also access standard editing tools such as cropping, borders, vignettes, skin tones, contrast, and a whole lot more. 

Prisma Photo Editor

Prisma Photo Editor has been popular with both iOS and Android users in recent times, and one look at the app makes it entirely understandable as to why. Capable of turning most photos into artistic paintings and drawings, the Prisma Photo Editor uses artificial neural networks to turn photos into paintings with additional help from around 500 creative filters to choose from. Once you have composed your image you can either share it with the Prisma online community or upload it onto a social media platform like Instagram. 


Many people use social media to show off their delicious dinners or update their army of followers on the best places to eat in London, making the need for food photo editing apps like Foodie a very real one. Foodie promises to up it a notch, though, offering 30 filters designed to make food look as tasty as possible. If you’re a keen photographer of food, then you should definitely check out Foodie. 

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Ideal for retouching selfies, Visage is there for when we aren’t looking our best. The free selfie editing app offers a range of clever editing tools, such as having the ability to smooth skin, whiten teeth, add eye makeup and a whole host of other useful features. You can also add a selection of backgrounds to pictures and throw in any additional effects you’d like, too. The pro version of the app helps remove any annoying ads, but if you can handle them, then the free version is still well worth downloading. 

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Afterlight 2

As an all-round photo editing app, not many are better than Afterlight 2. Available for download on both iOS and Android, Afterlight 2 has all the basic features required for any solid photo editing app, coupled with a few beneficial extras. You can adjust the exposure, hue/saturation, contrast, and tone, alongside being able to throw in some prism effects, textures, and dusty film overlays to help your photos stand out from the crowd. 

Other photo editing apps worth checking out in 2021 are Canva, Over, Facetune and Pixelmator. 

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