Because You Are A Teacher (For My Sister)

Because You Are A Teacher (For My Sister)

There are many words
I would give up knowing
to do what you do,
but I have settled for the fact
that my voice is a cradle
and not my arms.
I hope you never grow up,
because the best teachers
are always students.
Every lesson is their first
and so
the kids don’t get to copy
a raised eyebrow
but an awestruck mouth
as amazed as O!
You are a great teacher
because you are always full of questions
and that’s what the best of your kind, teach;
never answers.
Answers are for those
who are in a hurry
to reach the finish line
and forget to smell the flowers
along the way.
Instead, they learn only how to spell them
and hurry on…
hurry on..
and on…
and stop.
The most important word they learn
is “boredom”.
They hand it out like a curse.
Take food from strangers,
but never this word.
I see your little boys and girls,
their minds larger than oceans,
their hopes as bizarre as dreams.
Bizarre is good.
Bizarre is both sides of the coin at the same time.
Bizarre is wonder.
Bizarre never thinks
Bizarre never stops

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