‘Tall Character’ Sketch

‘Tall Character’ Sketch

Some people say life is bitterly sweet. Others say life is sweetly bitter. I say life is bitterly bitter.

I know you must be wondering what possible tragedy makes me wallow in a cauldron full of despair and anger (up to the brim). No, no, I am not attempting a Harry Potter, neither am I reading Twilight. And NO! I am not a victim of child abuse! You see, it’s just that I am never able to get anything bang right. Damn! See, I never intended to put it this way but alas, in a jumble it all comes out.

Standing, no wait, towering… yes, towering at a height of six feet and six inches, while other guys would have felt the urge to strut around, all I feel akin to is a human ladder. I don’t understand why God would want to add those six inches extra. Experimental specimen? Yeah, I suppose that may be a probable answer. Now, combine this lanky frame with a brachycephalic head (don’t ask me why I ever took Bio Majors when all I wanted was Arts), a pudgy nose and hawk like eyes lying in a sea of red freckles. You see the person? Yeah, that is me.

Now, I have never understood the inexplicable need of owning anything other than hoodies and cargos, and that is what my parents find hard to understand. Whatever happened to dear old democracy? And when I have finally accepted that my life cannot possibly take a further turn for worse, the heavens send me a rude reminder in the form of my little sister. When other kids her age derive pleasure in playing Nintendo or skateboarding, this pestilential beast of a creature derives the same in writing ridiculous blogs about me. So consistently has she driven me up the wall that I can easily give Spider Man a run for his money (that is only if my sister hasn’t already driven him away!). Oh! Here she comes now! What is that they say? Take the name of the devil and the devil has arrived. Aargghhh!!!!

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