Sweet Love Surreal

Sweet Love Surreal

He caught my eye in the morning’s mist
And seems to have captured me in the moment

                                                                                I played to his tunes

                                                                                 Like a mesmerized snake

                                                                                 Lost in his eyes for love’s sake

While everywhere the ranting was loud
I only heard the ticker of his heart
While ever so loud the traffic honked
I only sensed the rambling of the rain
I only sang a lover’s paean

                                                                     But how would I know

                                                                     How verity repels

                                                                     What the dreams nurture

                                                                     And nights propel

But how would I feel
The morning still
When the evening poured
Romance to my fill

                                                   And how would I know

                                                   That the winds would falter

                                                   That a curtailed flight they cannot alter


Some girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. Others, like me, are red haired, raw, and quite plus sized. Read my work on food and fashion on this blog.

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