Survival Plan: How to Feel and Look Your Best During the Holidays

Survival Plan: How to Feel and Look Your Best During the Holidays

As the days of summer become a lingering memory, we put away the pool toys and bring out the sweaters. The colder months are typically when we feel less of a need to exercise, the shorter days tending to make us feel more lethargic and sleepy. Maintaining your physical and mental health, along with your outward appearance, is as important in the winter months as it is in the summer. While we do provide men and women fashion tips on this blog, this post has a different message.

The following are some healthy tips that will help you to look and feel your best as you strive to thrive this holiday season:

Camera-Ready Smile

The holiday season is full of photo opportunities, and there seem to be cameras everywhere you look. You don’t want to look back at the photos from the company Christmas party to realize that all the coffee and tea throughout the year has taken a toll on your teeth and smile.

Take a closer look at your smile and determine whether or not you may want to look into whitening your teeth. Matching your teeth to the white in Santa’s beard on your ugly Christmas sweater is the best fashion statement you can make this holiday season. If you agree, make an appointment to see your dentist rather than using what is sold at your local corner store. Commercial teeth whiteners have been recognized as a common defective product that may inflict chemical burns on users.

Skin Care

Spending time indoors in the winter has the tendency to dry out our skin and dehydrate us. The use of heaters, wood-burning stoves and fireplaces suck the moisture out of the air and our skin. In addition to being dried out by our heaters, we are constantly washing our hands to avoid getting any kind of wintertime germs that could leave us bedridden throughout the holidays.

Avoid scaly skin and keep your skin supple by lathering yourself with lotion after bathing to retain the moisture and again before you turn into to bed for the night. You may find that moisturizing masks (for just your face or entire body) may be needed to help retain your skin’s vibrancy during these colder months. They can make great gifts and can be bought in bulk on Black Friday as one of the many deals you’ll find on America’s favorite shopping day.

During the summertime we care for our skin by slathering on the sunscreen when we are out enjoying the warmer weather. It is important to recognize that there is still a need to wear sunscreen when spending time outdoors this winter. The sun reflects off the snow and has the ability to burn our skin as much as a day out on the lake would. In addition, it is best practice to keep your skin covered from the cold wind to avoid chapped lips and cheeks. This will help you have the kind of rosy cheeks that won’t stick around after you go back inside for the night.

Get Moving

Exercise is beneficial for both your body and mind. Set aside time to make sure that you are getting enough physical activity, even in the midst of the madness of the holidays. It will ensure that you sleep more soundly and add to your holiday cheerfulness. It can serve as a great excuse to give you some alone time by escaping to the gym for an hour, or you could also incorporate it into your holiday fun. Activities such as making snowmen, having a snowball fight or going sledding are all great ways to intertwine your devotion to physical fitness and family into one activity.

Hair Focused

You may feel the desire to tuck all of your hair under a beanie for the next two months, but is that how you want to be documented in your family holiday photos? Keep up with your routines of showering regularly and styling your hair. Just like your skin, your hair can become brittle and dry when subjected to winter weather conditions and indoor heating.

Look into some DIY hair masks that you and your loved ones can make at home to restore the moisture in your locks. Simple items that are commonly found in your kitchen such as coconut oil, mayonnaise and eggs are all hydrating for your hair. Have a fun night around the fire smearing food products on your heads while watching your favorite holiday film — your hair will thank you.

Get Some Sleep

Traveling during the holidays is a must for some and can be particularly difficult to do during the holidays. Inclement weather can put a wrench in well-designed travel plans, leaving you sleeping on airports or planes. Once you have arrived at your destination, time with family and loved ones can leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by trying to meet everyone else’s needs and wants for the holiday. Take some time for yourself to make sure that you are getting a good amount of rest. It will help you to stave off the holiday crud by boosting your immune system — along with making your holidays much more enjoyable.

In the end, the holidays are a time for joy and cheer. If you are lucky enough to get to spend time with your loved ones, that happiness and gratitude will be reflected in your mood and your personal appearance. This holiday season, practice a little extra self-care to feel nourished and capable of taking on the annual festivities.

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