Store Shoes With These Incredibly Smart Storage Tips

Store Shoes With These Incredibly Smart Storage Tips

If you have an impressive collection of footwear but nowhere to put them, then you’ve come to the right place. In this piece, we’ll be giving you incredibly smart and valuable tips that will help you take care of all your shoe storage woes!

These ideas are fun, quirky and downright genius and are perfect for homes both big and small. So without further ado, let’s dive right in and unveil these ideas!

Make hangers to hang your shoes

If you’re on the lookout for cute shoe storage ideas, then this is it! With the help of regular wire coat hangers, you can create mini hangers that are perfect to hang your shoes.

What’s more, you can hang just about any and every type of shoe you own be it a sandal, heel or trainer with absolute ease. If you smartly fasten a curtain pole to the base of your closet, you can make use of the floor space in a great way.

Store shoes in buckets!

Label some colourful little buckets and store your footwear in them. One bucket can hold your boots, the other one can be home to your most trusted trainers and so on.

Put these away into a shelving unit or a cupboard and store all your shoes in a manner that’s hassle-free. This is the perfect storage solution if you’re someone who isn’t a neat freak. You can just pick your shoes and chuck them all in the bucket. Easy-peasy!

Shoes and ladders

If you own shoes that deserve to be flaunted, you have to make sure that you put on a show. Display your lovely collection by hanging it off the ladder. This will work wonders for your interior decor as well.

A wooden pallet shoe rack

If you have a rustic feel to your home, wooden pallet racks will go hand in hand with it, plus it’s very easy to get one. Instead of building a custom rack for shoes, you can use just about any wood pallet to stow your shoes away. Go for one with large slits in it so that you can keep both adult and kids footwear stacked neatly.

Create folders to hold your shoes

Since most of us have filing folders to spare, this is a very handy idea to organise your footwear. If you have plimsolls or narrow flip-flops, you can neatly store them away side by side on a shelf.

You can also cut open the ends of cereal boxes and use them to store a pair of shoes. In fact, there are tonnes of really useful box solutions that you can utilise to store your shoes if you prefer a good old fashioned approach.

Use coat racks to hang welly boots

Got wellies scattered by your front and back door? Fix a coat hook rail to the wall and put your wellies with the feet up to keep the mud off the floor.

Fasten towel rails to the walls

One of the most inexpensive ways to build a shoe rack is to fix a couple of cheap towel rails to the spare wall space. There will be room for you to slide in flat shoes, slippers, sandals and pumps. You’ll have to install a bigger version of the rail with more space to store bigger shoes.

Buy a shoe wheel

If you’ve mounds and mounds of footwear that you want to be able to see and reach for any time with ease, then it might be worth it to purchase a shoe wheel. This way, you’ll be able to put away up to thirty pairs of shoes in just one place. Plus, these don’t even occupy much space and will fit into compact spaces quite easily.

Carousel shoe racks are the way forward

Just like the shoe wheel, with a carousel shoe rack on board, you’ll be able to house up to 24 pairs of shoes super easily, all in one place. You can keep it anywhere you please, not to mention it checks all the boxes – it saves space, is convenient and tidy as well!

With this, we wrap up our list of smart ideas to stow your shoes away! You can build upon these ideas and add your own bit to it and voila, your shoes will be ready to rock your world with every step!

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