5 Steps to Take After You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated

5 Steps to Take After You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated

As an employee, you hope to remain employed at your current workplace until you willingly resign or retire. Leaving your place of work on good terms ensures you that the doors are always open if you want to return and seek future reference or collaboration. However, things do not always go according to plan. You may be laid off, leaving you with great financial strain and instability.

If you feel and believe you have been wrongfully terminated from your place of work, you should act against your former employer. Here are five steps to take after you have been wrongfully terminated.

Step 1: Keep Calm

It’s natural to feel angry, bitter and even resentful after your employer has sent you packing. Actions taken while angry are not usually well thought off, and they may land you in legal trouble. You need to be calm and focused because you will likely have a long fight ahead if you find you have been wrongfully terminated. 

Do not do anything that would jeopardize your wrongfully dismal case. Anything and everything you do post-termination can be used against you during the lawsuit. Follow the procedures your employer has set for post-employment as you prepare for the next course of action.

Step 2: Get to Know Reason for Your Termination

Your employer should give you a valid reason for your termination. The confirmation should be in writing. However, most employers often give a face value reason to cover for their illegal actions.

If you feel the reasons provided by the employer do not add up, it is best you conduct your research. This will help you know if there could be an underlying reason for your dismissal. In many states in the U.S, termination based on discrimination, retaliation or in a way that results in a breach of contract is prohibited.

Step 3: Seek Legal Assistance

You may be thinking you have a solid case, only to realize later your case has no legal basis. Looking for an employment lawyer is the best way to know if your claim can be turned into a legal case and get compensation.

If you are in Denver, you can seek HKM’s advice on wrongful termination. HKM employment lawyers can help you navigate the complicated field of employment law. The lawyers will review your situation and rules relevant to your situation and assess the legality of your employer’s actions.

Step 4: Gather Evidence

To support your claim, you need to have enough evidence that proves beyond reasonable doubt that you were wrongfully terminated from your place of work. If you have reasons to believe your termination was wrongful and illegal, collate as much evidence as possible.

Sometimes the employer might interfere with the motive to hinder your evidence collection. Therefore, be prepared and look for any documentation that you might support your allegations.

Step 5: File a Lawsuit

If you gathered enough evidence and your lawyer thinks it is enough to prove your case, you can now file a lawsuit. If your employer comes up with the idea of settlement rather than going to court, your attorney will advise you accordingly on the best course of action.


When wrongfully sent packing, it is essential you know what steps to take to get compensated. The above steps guide you on actions to take once wrongfully terminated and recover from the financial strain of losing your job unprepared.  

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  1. Garcia Phan

    This comprehensive guide provides a clear roadmap for individuals facing wrongful termination, emphasizing the importance of maintaining composure, understanding the reasons behind the termination, seeking legal assistance from reputable firms like HKM in Denver, gathering compelling evidence, and pursuing a lawsuit if warranted. It offers invaluable advice to those navigating the challenging aftermath of wrongful dismissal, empowering them to take informed steps toward seeking justice and financial compensation.

  2. Kareem Law

    It’s unfortunate when employment doesn’t go as planned, and these steps provide a clear guide for those facing wrongful termination. Staying calm, understanding the reasons, seeking legal advice, gathering evidence, and filing a lawsuit are crucial actions to take to navigate this challenging situation effectively. Solid advice for anyone in such an unfortunate circumstance.

  3. 2hlaw

    A comprehensive guide outlining the steps to take if you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated. From staying calm and understanding the reasons behind termination to seeking legal assistance, gathering evidence, and ultimately filing a lawsuit, the article provides practical advice for employees facing unjust dismissal. A valuable resource for those navigating the challenging process of addressing wrongful termination and seeking compensation.

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