Some beautiful earrings design

Some beautiful earrings design

Earrings are one of the jewellery that we wear on a daily basis. Be it our regular scheduler or some special occasion, even if we do not want to dress up much, we never forget wearing a earring of our choice as this dresses up our entire look at an instance. In this article, we are listing down some beautiful earring design that you can consider as an option.

  • The wavy design of earrings is the latest trend in market. You can wear them on a daily basis and get a stunning look. They are sometimes embedded with diamonds or crystals to make them look more beautiful. This is one of the gold earrings models that is becoming famous because of its sleek design and the fact that it could be worn to any small home functions or get together. They are good to be worn at brunch with family as well.
  • One of the small gold earrings design is the tulip one. The earrings resemble the beautiful flower tulip and goes very well as a daily wear. You can pair them with traditional as well as simple denims and they would look equally stunning. They do have the classy feel hence you can wear them to office as well.
  • The couch shell design in earring is more famous among people of older generation. They are basically worn on religious occasions like puja and they go very well with traditional saree like kanjeevaram. Wearing them together would make any woman look elegant and divine.
  • Jhumkas are something that we all love to wear. They can be as big or as small as we want them to be. They are paired perfectly with indo-western as well as Indian attire. A beautiful kurti and a big jhumka would make you ready for any occasion. You can even wear them on a normal day when you want to dress up a bit but do not wish to wear heavy clothes. Jhumkas enhances the look of the wearer instantly.
  • Moon net design of gold earrings looks very pretty. They are the perfect ornaments to be worn at any occasion and goes very well with Indian attire. They are big in size and the highlight of this earring is its design where a net is made using strings of gold wires. Throughout the length of the earrings small flowers made up of the similar net design is attached to the edges of the earrings.
  • The full ear earring design is again taking over the market as many women are loving to wear them. These earrings are made up of gold and are embedded with small stones and diamonds which makes it look more beautiful. The earring has a small bell shaped dome attached at the end so that it hands out of the ear lobe of the wearer and on the other hand its upper part covers the full ear. If you wear this design, you would not need to wear anything else.


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