So You Want to Buy a Holiday Home? Of Course You Do!

So You Want to Buy a Holiday Home? Of Course You Do!

For many, owning a holiday home is all but a dream. A fantasy that we can only aspire to achieve because, after all, it’s only the rich and famous that can afford to buy a holiday home, right?


You don’t have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds/whatever currency you operate in your bank account, and neither do you have to have to be on the verge of retirement. A holiday home comes in all shapes and sizes, meaning that you can buy property in such of the most highly sought-after locations in the world.

Why Would I Want to Buy a Holiday Home?

The question here is, why wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you want your own space that you can call your own where you need not worry about vacancies and booking fees? Imagine being able to come home from work on a Friday and decide on a whim to get away for the weekend…just load up the car and drive to your home away from home.

Waking up in the morning, drawing the curtains open and being greeted either by the view of the beautiful remote countryside or the ocean from your abode. This is the life and, better yet, you can make use of it with family and friends. Why on earth would you want to stay in a hotel room, which you haven’t the faintest idea as to who has slept in that bed or how well it’s been cleaned when you can stay in your property?

On top of that, if you have no immediate plans to use your holiday home any time soon, you can use your asset to generate another source of income by renting the property out to guests on a short or long-term basis. This is a route that many homeowners decide to take, either as a primary source of income or just as a means of topping up their funds.

Buy a Holiday Home

While some holiday homes can be expensive, particularly those that you would imagine the likes of world-famous actors and footballers own, many are reasonably priced. For example, many take the park home route whereby they buy the home itself whilst renting the plot of land in a park where it is kept. If this is the route that you decide to take, it is important to note that you cannot fund your purchase by taking out a mortgage on the property because the ownership does not include any land. Other loans can be offered if you do not have the means to pay for it outright.

What some homeowners decide as a means of funding their new is to sell their current home, thus opening up equity, to fund the outright purchase of a holiday home. Not only does this mean that the owner does not have to commit to long-term repayments but, assuming that the value of the holiday home is below that of the property they are selling, they will be left with a good sum of money in their account. This is, admittedly, an option that is more likely to be on the table for those that are older and have already paid off the mortgages on their homes.


The reason why purchasing a holiday home is an attractive proposition is because of the freedom it allows. Offering the chance for you to get away with family and friends, or even just to have a little ‘me-time’ is something that should appeal to everyone. Why wouldn’t you want that luxury in your life?

Rohit Raina
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