Six Reasons Why You Should Buy Online Custom Frames 

Six Reasons Why You Should Buy Online Custom Frames 

Interior designers advise homeowners to take their time and browse through magazines and websites for inspiration. Anyone can buy regular frames from art shops. However, if you want beautiful pictures hanging from your walls, the best option would be to purchase custom frames online. It may cost a bit more at first, but the overall investment is worth the time and effort.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider custom-made frames.

When your picture is not within the standard size

Store-bought frames only come in standard sizes. With custom frames, however, a variety of sizes can be accommodated – from the smallest Instagram photos (13cm x 13 cm) to extra-large photos (59cm x 80cm). There are many shops that offer custom frames online along with accommodate matting and float mounting. They will take your preferred measurements to ensure that you get the perfectly designed photo.

When you want unique pictures frames

Frames from a brick-and-mortar arrive in bulk. Therefore, many people use the same type. However, if you prefer to be unique, the way to achieve that is by having your pictures custom-framed. You can choose from a variety of colours and styles to suit your home décor and sense of style.

When quality is important to you

Mass-produced frames have cardboard-like backing, which is acidic. Over time, the acid causes photos to 0yellow, fade, and deteriorate. 

If it is a rare family photo or expensive artwork, it makes sense to work with framing experts. They have the best framing materials to protect your photos. There are many quality-related concerns with store-bought frames – misaligned corners, plastic materials, blemishes, scratches, snapping rails. Custom framers, however, will ensure the top-quality condition of their frames. Professionals have their tools and techniques for framing.

When you need to rush a gift

Digital photos can be quickly uploaded to start creating custom frames online. Using their website or mobile app, you can frame any photo stored on your phone gallery or Instagram feed. If the picture is on your desktop, laptop, or camera, you can easily drag and drop the files to their website as well.

It’s one of the fastest ways to send out personalised gifts to friends. With printed photos, however, you will need to set aside time to visit the shop. 

When you require specific layouts

If you want many photos in a single frame or framing in multiple mat openings, custom framers may need additional fees for their time and labour. Collages are a beautiful way to put together a photo collection.

When you have doubts about photo resolution and paper quality

When you upload photos to the website of custom framers, their system will automatically compute your photo’s resolution or pixel dimensions to come up with the ideal printing size. You may have to upload larger files if you want pictures with better clarity. To get the best quality, custom framers use satin photographic paper to print your photos.


With the many advantages of getting custom frames online, it is a better decision than buying standard frames from the store. Renovating the house does not have to be pricey, it just has to be creative.

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