At the Sight of Love

I can see them
in darkness and daylight
staring into me
shining brightly with
such magnificence

Those twinkling eyes:
is it the the sun?
burning and burning
I am not so afraid,
I love the mesmerising looks
that lock me within

They communicate
The language of silence
a rhythm of words
as we read in mind
without the movement of lips
slowly and slowly..
till it absorbs the brain through the heart
it catches the attention

As I watch the world around
in dim light and candle-light
the rays from those eyes
sending out flashes into inner eyes
till I close my eyes
they go on staring into mine..

Contributed by: Lakshmi Santhosh



This is Christie Lewis, and this is a bit of copy about her. Christie is a marketing professional who also writes around her personal interest. She's quite a cinephile and most of her "personal' pieces revolve around movies. And she can give away anything to meet Judi Dench!
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