Shopping Tips: Tricks that Shops Don’t Want You to Know

Shopping Tips: Tricks that Shops Don’t Want You to Know

Retailers are some of the savviest people in the world. They have an excellent mastery of how to deal with clients so that they make the most money from them.

Whether you are looking for some fashion tips in context to shopping online or for some generic shopping guidance, you need to read what we are about to share with you – tips that will change your shopping life forever. Here are some of the tricks shops don’t want you to know.

1. Sales Are not Really Offers

Holding one major sale is a trick used by retailers to get you spending. They mark prices before the start of a typical sale. This is done so that when you read the price tag, you will easily think that the discount lets you save money. What happens is that retailers usually increase prices right before a big sale so that they protect their margins. Though not all sellers do this, it is important to do your due diligence before making any purchase. Try to ask the duration for which a particular product has been on the sale rack. If it has stayed longer, then it wasn’t sold at the actual retail price.

2. Politeness is Key

Looking to get some coupon codes and great deals? Just a simple, nice smile can get you whatever you want. Most major mall stores tend to provide a discount to their newsletter subscribers or individuals in their database. But you might find that you are not on their database. If that is the case, just ask the register for any deals available right now. Just remember to smile nicely, and they will give you some coupons in case they have any. Many times, there are lots of them right in the drawers below the register.

3. Price Displays are Mostly a Trick

You can easily be fooled by the goldilocks pricing that is used by many retailers. This usually involves three similar items priced together. They always do this so that you go for the middle-priced item; the one that looks right. This one is always sold at the highest possible margin, and that is how they catch you. It is wise to always go for the lowest priced one. It might not have the features of the other two, but at least you shall have saved some money. This type of pricing is commonly used in electronics and bigger appliance stores.

4. Ask For a Price Match

One of the biggest secrets that shops won’t let you know is that most of them offer price matching even if they do not make it obvious. There are online platforms you can use to find retailers that actually offer price matching. If you are shopping at a major store, try to search their names and include the term ‘price match.’ If you learn that they have a price match, go ahead and search online for any product you intend to buy. Consider searching on sites such as Amazon Prime. Once you have found an item at a lower price than theirs, go and show them at the counter.


Retailers are businesses, and are, therefore, looking to make money from their clients by all means. They have savvy ways of doing it, but they will never let you know, lest they stop making money. The ones we have shared above are just a few of them. Do your homework, and you will learn how to get quality items at lower prices. Next time you go shopping, just be patient and use the knowledge we have shared. If you feel like there is something we left out, kindly do let us know in the comments.

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