Savvy Selection – 5 Things To Consider When Selecting A Gift For A Client

Savvy Selection – 5 Things To Consider When Selecting A Gift For A Client

Any time is a good time for gift giving and showing appreciation. In the business world, expressions of gratitude for our clients are the ultimate gestures as we wouldn’t get anywhere without them. If you’d like to show a client how thankful you are for their support, giving a gift from the heart is the perfect thing to do.

Before you commit to any purchases, however, be sure to consider the following things as they will help guide you to a great selection. 

1. Make It Useful

Think about the things you use all the time and consider how these items might make a great appreciation gift. Think outside the box and step away from the traditional promotional gift to come up with something your client will genuinely appreciate and use. 

You can find a plethora of corporate gifts online with everything from personalized nameplates for the desk to the latest tech gadgets just a click or two away.

The key to choosing the right gift for your client is to think about how they will use the gift and how the gift ties into your brand. The idea is for your client to think of you every time they use your gift. 

2. Make it Personal

While getting any gift is nice, getting one that’s personal in some way is even better. When choosing a gift for a client, think about what makes them special.

Consider past projects they’ve gone above and beyond for and look for ways to incorporate that into their gift. Going out of your way to make the present personal will remind your client of your working relationship each time they use it. 

3. Make it Unexpected

Even if you’re known for your gift-giving, you should always make each present unique and unexpected. For example, if you like to give cards, include a scratch-off lottery ticket inside that gives the receiver a chance to win money.

Even if they don’t win, they will appreciate the sentiment and look forward to working with you again. If they do win, the unexpected windfall will make you the best business partner ever. 

4. Make it Thoughtful

Gift-giving involves more than just the actual gift itself. The packaging, the unexpectedness, and the mode of delivery are all tied into the package too. For example, if you like sending gourmet food hampers as appreciation gifts for your clients, don’t send them. Hand deliver them and show your appreciation in person. 

Another way to make it thoughtful is to use custom wrapping paper or include some trinket or surprise inside the package. You can also add a photo of some event or project you shared with that client to personalize their experience. 

5. Make it Count

Above all else, make sure your client knows why you’re giving the gift. As you go about choosing the gift, remember why you’re thankful and put that feeling into your selection. Whatever you give and however you give it, the gift should convey the gratitude you feel. 

Gift-giving is acceptable any time of the year, and in the business world, it’s a great way to let clients know how much you appreciate their input and support.

When choosing a gift for that special client, be sure to consider the points above as they will help you make a great selection that your client will appreciate and cherish. 

Christie Lewis
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