Rules of academic research and frequent mistakes: categories

Rules of academic research and frequent mistakes: categories

Rules of academic research and frequent mistakes: categories

Incorrect wording of the topic or title of the work.

Any academic research begins with the choice of a topic. The choice of the topic is an important and very crucial aspect. When a topic is proposed to students or authors who independently decided to choose a topic, one should have a good idea of ​​what the direction of the future academic paper is, what problem needs to be solved.

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Closer look at academic research and frequent mistakes

No control group or its selection.

Establishing competent control in an experiment is extremely difficult. The main requirement is the difference between the control and experimental groups in the smallest possible number of parameters. Ideally, the experimental and control objects differ in only one parameter, the one studied in this experiment.

Lack of statistical processing of the results obtained.

The second important condition for obtaining reliable results is the presence of several repetitions during the experiment. Only in this version the researcher can confidently assert that the values ​​obtained are not random and do not reflect the researcher’s error.

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Incorrect interpretation of the results obtained.

Discussion of the results obtained, their explanation for the formation of the worldview of a young researcher are often even more significant than the setting of an experiment. Therefore, it is very important to organize the analysis of the results obtained, and not to adjust the answer to the slogans proclaimed by the media.

Inconsistency of conclusions and research results.

The conclusions are the result of the analysis of the data obtained by the author. The results obtained by other authors, calls and slogans should not be placed in the Conclusions section.

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