Romantic Getaways for Valentine’s Day

Romantic getaways in Florida: A Guide

Inundated with the white sand beaches, sparkling lakes, shimmering sunshine and (well, there doesn’t seem to be any room for ‘and’ when you talk about this place), Florida is a city with diverse landscapes. If you are someone with romance on your vacation calendar, romantic getaways in Florida would be your best bet.



Beach time

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Swamped by palms, mangrove wetlands and sand as white as sugar, the calm and breezy beaches of Florida offer you the most romantic sitting. If you are looking to spend a more recluse time on a not-so-crowded beach, Sanibel Island is an ideal place to stroll hand-in-hand with your sweetheart. Natural beauty is always free and you will find abundance of it at Delray Beach and surrounding cays. The crescent-shaped coastlines that trim the waves down to rounding white foam make for one spectacular view. There is also an array of beach houses for those who want to stay close enough to the waters.

Dinner Cruises

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Under the blanket of stars set in mysterious sky hues, you and lover can enjoy a romantic time, gorging on a sumptuous meal, and delightful delicacies. With an individual table booked to your name, you would be served fresh food prepared on-board. After dinner, you can groove to the live music being played.

The dinner cruises of Florida combine quiet sailing with fine dining and offer amazing waterfront views of Florida coasts, making your night a memorable one. Lose yourself to the soft music that plays as you cruise through the glistening waters, absorbing the captivating view and sipping in your favorite wine. A romantic stroll on the outer deck with the stars twinkling in water will feel a world away.

Resort-full fun

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Florida boasts of some great resorts that come with a total package of surrounding beaches, golf course, spas and beautiful water fronts. The courtyard and beautiful suites combine the old world charm with modern facilities to make your Romantic getaway in Florida more memorable. The resorts also offer a fine dining experience. The unfussy modishness of the whitewashed architecture and beautiful decor make the experience richer.

The Charming St. Augustine

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The cobbled roads, ancient architecture and Spanish-era buildings lend a unique identity to this city. With a climate that remains pleasant throughout the year, St. Augustine is home to some of the craftiest architecture you will ever see. Romance and history go hand in hand as the old world charm of historic places evokes an altogether different sort of feelings among lovers. Go visit the oldest churches, castles, schools and museums to set a date with history. Memorial Presbyterian Church, located at Valencia Street, is more than 120 years old church which sets a vintage mood in motion. If antiquities interest you, pay a visit to Lightner Museum. An awe-inspiring architecture features a building standing atop an open palm courtyard. Accompanying it is a vaulted stone bridge straddling across a fishpond. Meander through the paved streets or take a ride in those traditional horse-drawn carriages to sightsee town. St. Augustine is also a wonderful town for walking around.

Apalachicola National Forest

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Hiking and biking in a forest or a national reserve will lend a different flavour to your romantic getaway in Florida. Apalachicola National Forest happens to be the largest national forests in Florida. The swamps and bays of this forest make you feel closer to nature. Winter is the idle season to go to this place as there is a migration of a huge variety of birds.

Most of the regions in Florida are well connected by air. The international airports in Florida are located at Orlando in Central Florida, Tampa on the west coast, Miami, Fort Lauderdale on the east coast and the nearby Sanford. You can also reach Florida by Road from the route connecting Daytona Beach to St Petersburg. More routes include North South Highways, East West Highways and Toll Roads. The rail services of Florida are Amtrak Silver Star and Silver Meteor Service.




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