Rich Delicacies: Luxury Foods that Cost A Fortune

Rich Delicacies: Luxury Foods that Cost A Fortune

Life is truly a combination of magic and pasta. At least, they don’t burn your chest or a hole in your pocket. Ever considered gorging on a $25000 hot chocolate that is offered frozen? If you chose to go the vanilla way, that too comes with a cost – a hefty one. When caviar, champagne and chocolates cost you a fortune, you can place a safe bet on rice. They are the best choices when you are gluttony and hungry. You can have 3000 of them.

Matsutake Mushrooms

Their price will make you gasp. A 1000 dollar for fungi! I rather feed myself beans. The mushrooms are one of the rarest kinds. The delectable mattake is a royal serving.

Chocopologie Truffle

With its major constituent being Valrhona dark chocolate, the truffle will cost you any where between $250 and $400. No surprise, the decadent genache is worth the luxurious indulgence.

Samundari Khazana

You know by its name that is delicacy prepared from the sea food. What you don’t know, however, is that it literally is made out of treasure collected from the sea. Beluga caviar, devon crab and white truffle are just the tip of the ice-berg. It’s crazily amusing to have a gold coated lobster in a curry. Slurpp!

Red Blood Bird’s Nest

An extremely gross name and an extremely peculiar dish, Rd Blood Bird’s Nest, is an animal by-product that is true to its name. Also known as the caviar of the east, this indulgence can cost you more than $4000.

Kopi Luwak Coffee

Ok, so, when you first have it, you won’t see a reason why you need to shell out so much money for it. The second time you know how it is made, you will probably be shocked. Civets eat the coffee berries, which when pass through their digestive track, are used in preparation of the coffee. You might like to experience it, but I think I can’t afford the idea.

Life was simple when man ate to satiate hunger, not taste buds. Life became interesting when food became an art. Life is becoming expensive as cuisines are getting pricey. Yes, there is no love more sincere than the love for food. So, we excuse ourselves for our mindless indulgences.

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