Redfoodie – Satiating your ‘Foodie’ Search

Redfoodie – Satiating your ‘Foodie’ Search

Food doesn’t wait for anyone. But does that mean you need to wait for the one delight that you have a complete right over? When it comes to pleasing the taste buds, sites like Redfoodie come in handy to help you with some exquisite options of the best places in every nook and corner of the town. So whether you are craving that 5.00 p.m. machhiato or full-blown hunger pangs for a scrumptious dinner, Redfoodie, founded by Dilpreet Singh Kohli (CEO & Founder) and Kanwar Kohli ( Co-Founder & CTO),  proves to be the best pal.

Dilpreet Kohli

Check Out Redfoodie If:

  1. You are browsing the net for some fine dining restaurants for a date
  2. Looking for a solo coffee retreat in the nearby locality
  3. Planning a grand party at a five-star
  4. Hunting pocket-friendly cafes and pubs for weekend parties
  5. And almost any other reason you can think of for munching

You are Likely to Stick to Redfoodie Because:

  1. It is hassle-free
  2. Is organized
  3. Has complete and valid information
  4. Is updated (always) and smart
  5. Gives authentic reviews and rating


What More is Redfoodie About

  1. You get a smart shiny black badge with a mention of your name on becoming an elite member of the Redfoodie community
  2. As an elite member you get the chance to be a part of exciting foodie meet-ups
  3. Redfoodie is coming soon on iOS and Android
  4. You can become an elite member by writing reviews for Redfoodie and on wining 7000 points

Recommended List

Stumbling upon Redfoodie was pure chance and now it’s a regular feature of my routine to check out the latest listed places on the site. The best part – it allows me to filter my search not just on the basis of restaurants but also on the criteria of cuisines and locality. Whether one is looking for the address, phone number, menu, photographs or more, Redfoodie guarantees complete information.

Another fabulous feature on Redfoodie is the ‘Recommended List at Delhi/NCR’. It features the ‘quick options’ that most of us are always hungry for. You could easily check out the most happening foodie delights by clicking on ‘trending’. ‘Newly Opened’, ‘Cafes’, ‘Night Clubs’, ‘Kebabs’ and ‘Butter Chicken’ are some other quick search options.

Won’t believe it all till you search it yourself? Then quickly log on to Cheers!

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