Recipe For A Tailored Romantic Evening To Express Love (Website Review)

Recipe For A Tailored Romantic Evening To Express Love (Website Review)

When it comes to expressing love, it is obvious that humans would excel at it, isn’t it? 

But we all know how we struggle at getting a flower bouquet from the florist just because we don’t have time!

Saying that, I thought of curating a recipe for a romantic evening for all you folks out there who have immense love for your near and dear ones and are finding ways to express them through gestures and gifts.

A Bonus Tip while expressing love is to lookout for something which will suit your partner, friend or relative. Instead of gifting the next cool thing you find on the web. 

The Evening:

This evening should only consist of the things your special one loves to do. Evenings can be spent indoors or outdoors but both attract different recipes.

  • Indoor Evenings

Indoor evenings gives you both privacy and you can get fancy as well!


Candles, Oil Diffuser, Music, Flower Petals, Food Made by You! Wine or any Beverage, A gift, and the most important- Attention & Care!


  1. Start 1 week ahead of the big evening by buying all that is necessary like getting candles, groceries for the dinner, wine, booking flower petals, etc.

2. Ask a friend to book his/her slot for 3 hours and cancel on that day.

3. Start preparing the room when she leaves. You would want to decorate it with flowers, set the playlist, warm the food, etc.

4. Dress Up! Because he/she also will be, plus it feels thoughtful of you to spend time on dressing up.

5. When you receive a heads up from his/her friend, start finishing off everything and don’t forget to smell good.

6. But wait, what about the gift?

Don’t worry I have got you covered!

You can get any thoughtful gift of your choice or celebrate the evening with a handmade portrait painting made from your special one’s photo by PortraitFlip.

Just head to PortraitFlip and,

  • Upload a photo in which you both or only he/she looks stunning.
  • Select Size & Framing.
  • Select a medium amongst Oil, Acrylic, Pencil, Charcoal, Colored Pencil or Watercolor.
  • Mention a name to be written in the calligraphic font on the painting.
  • Hit Order happiness package now and check on the gift wrap box.

The genuine handmade painting will be delivered to your doorstep in 12-14 days, so order it when you are buying stuff for the romantic evening.

C:\Users\sunny\Desktop\BLOGS\BLOGS IMAGES\couple portrait painting.jpg

Knock! Knock!

Open the door, welcome her with a dance maybe, start that playlist you have been spending time upon and all you need from here is Attention, Care and some wine!

You may want to watch your favorite movie may it be The Vow or The Fault In Our Stars, it doesn’t matter unless he/she loves it. 

Eat dinner on the candlelit dining table and once the moment is right present him/her with their painting and enjoy the happiness.

Finish the night with a forehead good night kiss or with something else!

Potential Spoilers:

Mobile Phones, Guests, Flower Petals (If Order Too Early), Fit (If Ordered Too Late)

  • Outdoor Evenings:

Outdoor evenings are preferred by some people because they are less ordinary. Outdoor evenings are trickier to plan as probability of uncontrollable elements increases but it is not that difficult if planned properly.


A Reservation and an additional plan, A gift, and the most important- Attention & Care!

Figure out a Dessert Place and a beach near to the restaurant you are planning to go.

Music, Flower Petals, and Candles (Optional)


  1. Start with booking reservations at a place where he/she loves to go.
  1. Set up your room by keeping ready the oil diffuser, candles, music player and playlist, and flower decoration, or you can avoid this and spend more time outdoors. It’s up to what he/she likes.

The Gift!

Order a thoughtful gift like a painting from photo by PortraitFlip if you have a stunning photo of your loved one as they offer,

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or a 
  • No Questions Asked Return Policy.
  • Free World Wide Shipping

Their products include Anniversary Painting, Couple Painting, and Valentine’s Day Painting.

PortraitFlip has been painting happiness only because of their 100+ specialist artist who dispatch their work from the galleries of PortraitFlip, which has made them viral on their YouTube channel.

C:\Users\sunny\Desktop\BLOGS\BLOGS IMAGES\couple oil portrait.jpg

The Thoughtful Plan:

Plan something special like a candlelit dinner, a pre-decorated table (Include Balloons, Cake, or just hire a decorator), or a romantic movie/play in a theatre.

You may want to speak to the restaurant and align the food and beverages by asking them to dedicate a waiter for you. This way you can pay more Attention to your loved ones instead of spending time on ordering.

Present him/her with the gift and elevate their happiness or wait for the climax.

The Sidekick:

Take him/her to a beachside and enjoy the deep conversation over an Ice-Cream and a moonlit walk!

If possible go boating, para sailing, or on a bike ride.

The Climax (Optional):

Comeback to a home where you have set up the bedroom with some flowers, candles, fragrance and also some romantic music.

You may want to present the gift here because it will lead to something special!

C:\Users\sunny\Desktop\BLOGS\BLOGS IMAGES\couple oil painting.jpg

Potential Spoilers:

Mobile Phones, Flower Petals (If Order Too Early), Gift (If you order it too late)

Go make some memories with your loved ones and take the effort!

Master the art of expressing love by starting somewhere and have a mesmerizing relationship forever!

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