3 Reasons You Need to Be Jealous

3 Reasons You Need to Be Jealous

Every now and then you come across a homosapien who walks with a certain sense of haughtiness. You look him in the eye-ball and the devil inside you wakes up to his routine tomfoolery. Your eyes are changing color, turning from a hazel brown to a hideous green.

Something inside pokes you to choke all the goodness and bring on some hideousness. Why shouldn’t you be jealous? After all, the passerby was physically more attractive than you are, seems to be richer, and definitely seems have quite a *big* bunch of aficionados.

It Get’s You Closer to YOU: While it is notorious for creating barriers and hurdling relationships, it is the best cement for toughening your relations with your SELF. Each time you feel the monster waking, you get to know what it feeds on. You come face to face with the guilt that hides right behind the feeling of covetousness.

It Takes You A Few Notches Hire: The lean babe has been stealing all the limelight in the office. You’ve never been a chubby cutie always. Really, no one is going to call you fat in office given that you are senior who’s always on the same side as the higher management. So you saw this female the other day, in her pencil heels and a mini-skirt, rocking her way down the aisle. You could feel the green eyed monster inside you swell. Just a month – you swore – and you’d be giving the lanky lady some competition.

It Wakes You Up Early in the Morning: Jealous fusspots can’t get their goals out of their mind. The burning belly won’t let go of the acidity of underachievement until the competition has been marred. A solid locus of control jealousy will get the best out of you when you get to accomplishing something. Beware though – use no unscrupulous means of winning.

It’s natural to feel a twinge when you think of all that the smartass has that you don’t. The jealousy doubles if the lucky bitch is not a passerby but your own BFF. All said and done, jealousy is not a joke. It’s a serious feeling that consumes you from head to toe, just like love..or lust. Worse still it can keep eating into you until you start feeling sudden bouts of depression. Holy Cow! I it that big a devil? A devil it is – however if you take your lessons from it and keep it under check, you can emerge a new man, or woman out of it.


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