Reasons for Guys to Go Pink (And Wear it Too)

Reasons for Guys to Go Pink (And Wear it Too)

Many a men have tried wearing pink and have failed, MISERABLY! Have you ever noticed, by the way,
how the color never fails to make an impression – on girls for every right reason, and on the boys for every wrong one?

Now that the world is kind of spinning the human race tizzy and every girly thing has become out-and-out “metro”, the stereotype is being broken. There is role reversal of a sort. So where the girls are going chic black guys are donning pink – and they are lovin’ it. After all these years of being
ridiculed on supporting pink, the hunks can finally step out fearlessly drench in passionate pink and here
are reasons why:

Pink is A Symbol of Surety: The shy types won’t ever dare dress in a bubbly pink or a baby hue of the
same shade. Only a real man feels assured of his sexuality in pink. It’s a sensible color for the non-
chauvinist types. Why such hype around it?

Pink is Power: We don’t say so without any support from facts and findings. Studies have shown that
Pink is ‘psychologically’ good for business. Now you know why Donald Trump keep his neck choked with
a shimmering pink tie!

Pink gets You the Attention: This works in two situations. Firstly, if you are lost in crowd and want your
friends or family to be able to spot you easily. And secondly, if you want all eyes to be scanning you in a
throttling swarm at a party.

Pink is Fun: Some guys will wear pink just to mock those who doubt the concept of the color pink. They
will wear pink to prove how good they can look in it – and how right they are!

Pink is Lovable: Mind you! Girls hate that color. They are no more obsessed with their pinki-ness. But
they love it on the guys. But limit it to your shirts. The jeans still look good in the traditional faded blue.
Plus you don’t want to look like a desperate gay ..err..guy.

Pink is no longer peculiar. It is rather the second best four-letter word starting from P that guys simply
love. Fascinating – that’s what pink is for the macho men!

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  1. jb

    you da man

  2. Andrew

    Where can I find this tie?

    1. Shivangi

      check google for polka dot pink ties if u like the tie so much…i guess u ll get many results!

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