Real Estate broker License Requirements in Montreal

Real Estate broker License Requirements in Montreal

The real estate prices in Montreal have risen about 5% in the last five years. Because of the fast growth in price and development in this sector, Montreal has been a prime investment option for real estate investors as well as landlords.

At the same time, the job options relevant to these sectors are also booming. Being a real estate agent is one of the dream careers for many beginners. If you have the same career vision, you need to know the requirements for getting a real estate license. We are sharing some obligations you must meet.

Requirements to get a real estate license

Getting a real estate license in Montreal is a complicated process. Besides, you must have the following qualifications as well.

Minimum age requirement

Since Montreal is under Quebec province, you must meet the minimum age requirement of this territory. You need to be at least 18 years old to get a real estate license. This is the first and basic obligation that you must meet before going to others.

Language requirement

English is the major language in Canada. But, it is different when you go to Montreal. After Paris, Montreal is the second-largest city for primary French speakers. Quebec is one of the provinces in Canada where French is the official language. You have already realized that you need to have English and French fluency if you want to get a license and deal with real estate clients. Go to website to understand how professional realtors manage this.

Educational qualification

When it comes to educational qualifications, you have to go through an obligation as well. It is mandatory to complete your high school in Canada. You must pass at least a grade 12 or equivalent level of degree from a school in your Quebec. After you get the required school degree, you will be eligible to get a real estate license. 

Pre-licensing course and exam

The licensing exam is quite tough for most candidates. If you check the curriculum, you will notice that it combines general real estate principles and the province’s knowledge. A pre-licensing course is essential to understand the entire exam procedure. Besides, the pre-licensing exam helps candidates to overcome the fear of facing the real exam. 

Passing the licensing exam

This is the major requirement to get a real estate license. You must pass the MCQ exam before being a licensed agent. Like all other provinces, Quebec’s real estate commission sets the minimum passing score to get a real estate agent. If someone fails, he has the opportunity to retake the exam. But, you must get the minimum score.

No criminal record

Finally, you should not have any past criminal record to get a real estate license. According to Quebec’s real estate commission, the candidate cannot have any criminal offense or violation record against the real estate brokerage act in Quebec or outside.

Did you meet the requirements thoroughly? Therefore, you are eligible to get a real estate license. 

Christie Lewis
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