How to Read a Meat Thermometer Dial – Cook a Delicious and Healthy Meal for Family

How to Read a Meat Thermometer Dial – Cook a Delicious and Healthy Meal for Family

Poultry and Meat are usually prepared at certain temperatures and the same can turn out to be dry and hard if overcooked. Usually, most of the people use guesswork to ascertain if their meal is cooked properly, however, this method has not proven to be effective enough in providing you with accurate results. But no need to worry now as with the advancement in technologies today, the meat thermometer is specially designed to compute and analyze the internal temperature of the cooked poultry, meat, and other such casseroles to make certain that the hazardous bacteria have been wiped out from the food, the meat has reached an accurate temperature, and it has been cooked appropriately. As per the dietician’s recommendation,  meat or a cooking thermometer should always be used while you plan to cook roasts, hams, poultry, meat loaves, egg dishes, casseroles, and much more.

A meal is cooked appropriately only when it gets heated to a high yet safe internal temperature to eliminate the harmful germs and bacteria including Salmonella and E.Coli O 157: H7 (this bacteria often leads to food-borne illness). As per the United States Department of agriculture, the only way to examine if the cook is prepared properly is its internal temperature rather than the color. The color of the food indeed misleads the people as the same varies considerably. So utilizing a Digital grill thermometer or an instant cooking thermometer can help you cook food to a safe temperature. Now if you are wondering about how to use the cooking thermometer and how to read a meat thermometer dial then read on.

Tips on How to read a meat thermometer dial effectively

In order to get the exact and precise reading, it is advisable to position your digital grill thermometer in the thickest part of your meat except for bone and fat. Usually, most of the people prefer inserting the device at least ½ inches deep in the food, however, if the meat is thick, it is recommended to prefer inserting the thermometer at least 2-3 inches deep to let the device reach the center and get most accurate reading. If you’re preparing a large roast then analyze the meat before 35-40 minutes before you suppose it to be cooked.

It is worth noting that the meat will continue to be cooked even after getting out of the oven. This process is commonly called as carryover cooking. Though this factor may not affect the smaller chops of meat such as steaks, chicken pieces, and chops yet the deep and great roasts of meat including lamb, veal, pork, loin, beef, and turkey breasts should be taken out from oven once they reach 6-7 degrees less than their required completion temperature. Provide these large cuts of meat with a minimum of 5-10 minutes time in the normal temperature. This way you can use the meat thermometer to check and confirm if your food is properly cooked and is ready to be served. Using the food thermometer rather than guesswork will not only help you serve a delicious meal but the same assure a food free from unwanted bacteria and diseases.

How can you calibrate your meat thermometer?

To check the accuracy of a thermometer, fill a large cup with crushed ice and add water at the top of the same. Dip the thermometer 2-3 inches deep in the cup and note the readings. The dial of the thermometer should read 0 degree Celsius or 32 degree Celsius i.e., the temperature at which the liquid freezes. If the temperature is off then pressed the rest button or fix the same using the manufacturer’s instructions.


So what are you waiting for? Having read this guide, we assume that you might be familiar with the importance of utilizing a meat thermometer. Whether you’re using a digital grill thermometer or are planning to buy an instant-read thermometer, make sure to use the same every time you cook meat.

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