Popular Fashion Styles for 2019

Popular Fashion Styles for 2019

Now that you have firmly set your sights on the rest of this year you can decide if you want to be part of the fashion trends. There are quite interesting fashion trends this 2019 and their popularity is not waning any time soon. We see them in runways, with celebrities and the everyday working women within our neighborhoods.

You have to know the popular fashion styles for 2019 so that you will know what to buy this year. If you love trends then you will love this list of popular fashion styles and apparel fabric.

1.      The Bucket Hats

The bucket hats began trending last year but they continue to become popular as seen in many recent runway events. We have definitely not seen the last of the bucket hats yet because they are going to be trending a lot this year. This year, say goodbye to your fedoras and other wide-brimmed hats you might have and don’t even think of wearing a baseball cap when the stylish bucket hat exists. Wear your bucket hat with a lovely girly dress for the best effect. If you are adventurous go for the bold floral prints and if you love a more toned down look then stick with a solid color. This is no doubt the new hat on the fashion block, rock it this 2019.

2.      Statement Sneakers

Now, these statement makers have created a huge buzz in the fashion crowd. Every fashion-conscious woman out there is spotting statement sneakers or seeking them out in both online and brick and mortar shoe stores.  There is no doubt that statement sneakers have overtaken handbags when it comes to accessories that are status symbols. Statement sneakers are simply sneakers that are colorful and lovely looking to stand out. More and more women are rocking statement sneakers because they are not only cool looking but very comfortable as well.

3.      Bike shorts

They disappeared for a while then made a huge comeback last year and are still in place this year.  Bike shorts have become popular too as seen in various runway events last year. This year bike shorts are rocking on the streets with more women proudly spotting them. They have become the cool symbol and even the search engines are reporting increased searches of biker shorts.  Consider getting a pair to rock one of your casual looks.

4.      Robe coats and wrap dresses

These two have become very popular and continue to be so way into 2019. You will see more women in robe coats and wrap dresses of all colors and patterns. The summer and fall of this year are no doubt going to be defined by lots of wrap dresses and robe coats. Get yourself these two and rock them during the summer and fall of 2019.

5.      Animal Prints

  Animal print fabric will always trend, it could have been zebra last season, leopard this season and snake prints next season. An animal print never fails to make an impression. Look for an animal print dress or top and embrace the look during one of your fashion theme days. Rock this animal print look this year and make sure you have several types of animal print outfits for variety.

6.      Oval sunglasses

These stunners were there back during the hot 80s  fashion but they have made a comeback again. They are a statement maker and absolutely gorgeous when won. Celebrities and all the other trendsetters have gone heavy on the oval sunglasses and of course, the multitudes have followed suit which is why they are popular. You can wear them black, brown, misty and even rainbow- colored. Choose whatever suits you best and allow these sunglasses to make it happen for you. Wear them with the right casual attire and pull off a unique look this year.

7.      African prints

African wax prints popularly known as “Kitenges” have also been trending a lot since last year and there being no shortage of uniqueness in these fabrics, there is no sign of them dying out yet. Celebrities from the royals to the models on runways have been spotted wearing one of these beautiful fabrics. African prints have been there for eons and they continue to fascinate the fashion world as more designers use them in their pieces. This 2019, African prints have hit the fashion scene with a loud bang. Get a couple of them to rock a cultural look.

8.      80s Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves are absolutely adorable and as the name suggests, they were there in the 80s and rocked back then. They are rocking again this 2019. We have seen a couple of them displayed on the runways and the public has embraced them again. More women are wearing the puff sleeves today and looking absolutely gorgeous. Most of the outfits feature the puff sleeves but with the modern look. Anything that makes you seem taller and more beautiful is no doubt something worth having in your wardrobe. Get a couple of puff sleeve tops or dresses.

9.      Tie Dye

Tie Dye is absolutely artistic looking and great if you want to pull off the boho chic look for example. However, if you love the color and lots of it on fabric, then you will love tye dye fabrics. They could be jackets, t-shirts, scarves or even pants. Rock the tye dye look this 2019 because it is already very popular and will be for a long time by the looks of things.

10.  Microbags

Downsizing seems to be a popular exercise these days, and the fashion world too has not escaped its effects. We get to see tiny accessories like micro bags which are very cute by the way. As much they are not practical, they are able to carry just enough for your day out. More and more women can be seen spotting micro bags and they no doubt generate interest. They can be a  great conversation starter and a statement of their own. This trend is not dying out anytime soon and it is still going to be popular this year.

Those are the popular fashion trends for 2019 watch out for them and feature a couple in your wardrobe this year.

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