Plus my attitude! My first photoshoot experience

Plus my attitude! My first photoshoot experience

Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu. —Kenzo Takada

And trust me, it’s a wise advice to believe when it comes to body shapes as well. Idolize a size ‘zero’? C’mon! Beauty has never restrained itself to a size chart. Escaping the facade of a certain perfect size is a tough fight. Just as tough a fight as it is to break the color code that the fairness industry has nailed in our conscious minds.

Wake up a shade darker under your eye bags and you instantly reach out for the concealer. Wake up feeling bloated you chuck the bodycon and slip on the boyfriend t-shirt, right? It’s all been fed to us; the breadcrumbs to a rat race of fake-a-thon.

It’s tough to embrace who you really are when there is pressure to look only a certain type. An inch extra on your thigh you can’t wear shorts. Chubby tummy? Don’t even dare the crop top. Taller than a 5’7? Go spend your life in boring flat flip-flops.

Going by the standards of society (rejoice) there is no one perfect. And, when we are flawed in one way or the other, why don’t we just be whatever! Fortunately, the world is seeing a huge self-embracing shift. These are the times when people are trying to be the best version of themselves, loving themselves for who they are, doing what they’ve always wanted to, unabashed to be flawsome.

This huge shift in mindset is also visible in people’s closets. The fat girl will now confidently pull out a bodycon from her favorite plus size brand and wear it like a queen on her birthday. The flat girl, every so stylishly, wear a pair of super skinny jeans not ashamed to flaunt her uncury body to the world. She might as well do a split to put your inflexible attitude to shame.

Sharing this sense of complete self acceptance, a few newbies in the world of plus size fashion, stepped out on their first adventure. Four fantastic females, stepped out in the craziest attires in the busy lanes of Hauz Khas.

Eyes glaring, jaws dropping, but we got all the chill the world. The shoot turned out to be fun. Overall, it was a great experience with Ansh and team. Makeup artists did a good job too. Ansh’s assistant Sukriti made sure that everyone’s comfortable on the shoot, and helped us ideate our poses.

Sharing some photos and sweet memoirs of my first shoot. Hoping I’ll be able to do better in the times to come 🙂

That’s me sizzling

Me in a very ‘me’ pose

Because sweet hubby accompanied me on the shoot!

Another plus size beauty flaunting her curves 

This was went full on desi with her jewellery! She was sparkling

Lovely! She’s a pro at it. Look at her pose!!

This is the makeup artist’s team and Sukriti in the middle who made everything look so easy and simple! 

That’s ansh clicking a group selfie.

Let’s wrap this blog up with the most beautiful pictures of the most beautiful faces ever! 🙂
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