Plus Size Clothing Must Haves for Winter 2019

Plus Size Clothing Must Haves for Winter 2019

 Let’s face it, it is going to get colder for a while as we enter the New Year so now is the time to update your wardrobe with the aim of keeping warm but staying stylish! 

We have put together a list of wardrobe must haves to keep you looking great during those chilly days. And if you have more ideas regarding fashion blog write for us, you can get in touch.

 1. Fur Coat 

Everyone needs a fur coat in their wardrobe this winter, especially if you have work parties to attend. The perfect coat to go with any occasion dress during these festive weeks. 

 2. Over the Knee Boots 

These are perfect for keeping your legs warm whilst you rock that skirt! Completely flattering on the legs, over the knee boots can transform a everyday outfit into a stylish success. Don’t forget you can wear those woolly socks and nobody will know!  

3. Bobble Hats 

Keep yourself cosy by adding a bobble hat with a big pom-pom to your outfit. Not only are they cute but a warm hat will keep you toasty against the winter chill. 

 4.Denim skirt 

As we start to approach Spring, why not transition your winter fashion by pairing a warm jumper with a denim skirt.  

With some high denier tights, a denim skirt can be a staple in your wardrobe all year round! 

5. Florals 

Take your floral dresses from Spring all the way through Fall and into Winter by layering up. In these cold months, add woolly tights, knee high boots and a thick coat to stay warm. 

6. Chunky Knit 

Looking for a casual look for the office? Then why not pair your skinny jeans with a chunky knit cardigan or jumper. A jumper dress is also perfect for some after work drinks! 

7. Fleece lined leggings 

An extra lining of fleece in your leggings can go a long way in trapping that warmth. Pair it with a long line top or your over the knee boots and you have a comfy outfit for those snowy walks! 

Wrap up warm with these outfit hacks and stay ahead of the game in staying cosy this winter!  

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