Phuket’s Top Beaches to Visit

Phuket’s Top Beaches to Visit

The beautiful island of Phuket has earned the nickname of Pearl of the Andaman, and is well and indeed just that! Although the place does get somewhat touristy, especially in the peak season when the island is packed to the hilt with foreign tourists, there are hidden gems to explore. The beaches of Phuket are its crown jewels and definitely worth exploring.

Some of the best beaches in Phuket, Thailand include:

Freedom Beach

Without any doubt, this is one of the finest beaches in the country. Freedom Beach is a short ride or drive from Patong Beach. Unlike Patong that has more than its fair share of shady characters including women in ultra-small bikinis, garish lady-boys vying for attention, and unsavory folk hanging around, Freedom Beach is a relatively tranquil paradise. Freedom Beach, when compared to Patong, is as different as chalk and cheese, with the latter loud and flashy. Freedom Beach, on the other hand, makes for the ideal getaway from the throngs of visitors and tourists to Phuket.

There’s a nominal admission fee to be paid after which visitors climb a staircase, make their way through some shrubland, and after crossing a few rocks at Freedom Beach. Its crescent-shaped shoreline looks beautiful with the waves lapping its shores. There are generally no large waves like at some of Phuket’s other beaches, so swimmers can take a rather long swim out towards the sea while enjoying the stunning views surrounding them. It’s the perfect place to bask in the sunshine, minus the noise and commotion found at Phuket’s other beach spots.  

Kata Beach

Another beach that has fewer visitors towards the south of the island is Kata Beach. Most of Phuket’s beaches have shrubland and cliffs as a backdrop on one side, with rows of souvenir shops and restaurants towards the other side. Kata Beach, contrastingly, is far less touristy and relaxed with thankfully no buildings in the background. With plenty of beach chairs to rent and lounge about comfortably on the beach, there are fewer crowds in the area. After spending a leisurely afternoon soaking up some sunshine on the beach, visitors that want to grab a bite will find some bars and restaurants, but at some distance from the beach area.

Kata Noi Beach

Although Kata Noi is a sister beach of Kata and lies to its south, it’s not as charming as Kata. Those that have visited Kata Beach and thought it was a peaceful haven will be delighted to find that Kata Noi Beach even exceeds Kata Beach in seclusion.

There are fewer visitors to the area for the simple reason that Katoi is smaller and also more challenging to reach. Although it’s among the smaller beaches in Phuket, it has a 700-meter stretch of sand, which is considerably long despite its size. Those with a passion for surfing will find Kata Noi Beach just perfect because there are many large waves in the sea in the low season.

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