Photos You Should Take at a Wedding

Photos You Should Take at a Wedding

The day the bride and groom have been waiting for is finally here! They don’t want it to end. The day may pass, but the memories won’t. Amazing photos will remain with them forever and will help to jog their memory when the D-day gets a little bit foggy decades from now.

However, you may get distracted because of the flurry of activities that may be going on around you, and may forget to get that perfect photo. So here is a list photographer should have so he/she can stand ready and snap those shots when the timing is perfect. The couple will be able to enjoy their day to the fullest and later get home to some amazing professional photographs.

Picture of when they are getting ready

One of the most important photos is taken before the event begins when the bride and her girls are getting ready. If she allows you to, you could get cute photos of her and her friends in their elegant robes or pyjamas, sipping glasses of champagne as they wait to get into those amazing shiny dresses and jewellery.

Picture of excited friends and family members

Take the photos of the eager and excited friends and relatives as they wait for the ceremony to begin. Take the reactions of the guests as the bride arrives. You never know, there are some amazing reactions that may happen like the parents shedding a few tears or friends smiling joyously.

Picture of the bride walking down the aisle

Take pictures of the bride as she walks down the aisle hand in hand with her mother and father or relative. You are bound to get deep and candid emotions from her as she walks to meet her future husband.

Reaction of groom

Speaking of which, take the reaction of the groom as well. He will react when he sees his beautiful future wife who is about to be his in marriage. These types of reactions are priceless and may be filled with love that cannot be seen elsewhere in the marriage. Marriage opens a flood of emotions.

Reaction of parents and grandparents

Something very important is to capture the emotions and reactions of the parents, grandparents and kids if the couple has them. It’s the big day and couples may be so fixated on one another that they may forget to look around them. The photos may be the only window of opportunity where they will be able to see how their parents reacted during the important parts such as exchanging rings, kissing the bride or putting the marriage certificate in the pocket of the groom.

Exchange of rings

Take a picture of the bride and groom as they exchange rings. Snap a picture of the best man handing the groom the rings, the groom as he puts the ring on his wife and vice versa.

Exchange of vows

Take pics of the couple as they exchange vows. The trick here is to look at the face of the person receiving the vows as they are the ones that usually have the best reactions.

The anticipated kiss

The kiss is a very important part to take a pic of. The anticipated kiss should be shot from different focal lengths and different frames because you do not want to miss a split-second reaction.

The “we did it” pick

When the husband and wife finish kissing, they may turn to the audience and raise their hands in the air to signify they have finally gotten married. Don’t fail to capture this moment and their ecstatic expressions.

The beautiful bouquet

What’s the one gorgeous thing brides hold on their hand apart from the shiny ring? The bouquet. The bouquet is an amazing detail to snap because they usually have such bursting colours or are elegantly plain and complement that beautiful wedding gown.

Married couple walking down the aisle

Take a pic of the couple as they walk down the aisle as newlyweds. They may be followed by friends and family and this is a nice time to take pics as they laugh and are happy in their new union as a married couple.

The wedding invitation card

People nowadays pay a lot of attention and detail when designing their wedding invitation cards. Some cards are just so beautiful that you want to keep them weeks or months after the wedding. A wedding invitation card is an amazing detail to take a photo of. The couple can add it to their wedding album to commemorate the way they invited all their loved ones to the beautiful event.

Wedding generational photo

If the bride and groom are lucky enough to have their parents and grandparents celebrate that special day with them, do not miss the chance to take a generational photo with them. The wedding photographer can take a pic of the bride, her mother and grandmother’s hands together when each of them have their wedding rings on their fingers. You could also take a photo of the three of them with their spouses if they are present.

The wedding shoes

We all know that wedding shoes are not just like any other ordinary shoes. The wedding photographer should take pictures of the elegant shiny wedding shoes. If the bride’s shoes are amazing, they may want to have them captured so they can remember them later without having to remove the box from under their beds or at the bottom of the closet.

Individual photos of bride with each friend and groom with each friend

Best friends of the bride and groom have come to their wedding as bridesmaids and grooms and they want to remember each of them. Take individual photos of them with their friends so they can be able to also remember that dee-day

The reception venue and decor

The reception space is one of the most important pictures to take. People go all out here and ensure the space is furnished, decorated and filled with all stylish cutlery and flowers. The wedding photographer should not forget to snap shots of that beautiful space where family members and close friends will congregate to celebrate your marriage.

The wedding cake

Of course the cake, the second thing that will grab the attention of all the people present. The first thing that will grab their attention is the bride and groom looking beautifully in love. Before people dig in to that divine cake, the wedding photographer should make sure he/she has taken a shot of it in picture perfect condition.

The elegant centrepieces

The reception will have all the nice and elegant décor that the couple has decided to splay to the public. One of the things that will grab the attention of those seated at the tables are the centrepieces. The photographer should not to forget to snap pics of that centrepiece so the couple can look back and remember all the tasteful work that went into planning that day.

Wedding rings

Rings are the symbol of the couple’s love and they will be wearing them everywhere they go. You could snap pics of the rings when they are in immaculate condition. A picture of the rings will look amazing in a wedding album.

It is very important to get good quality pics on the wedding day. A photographer is lucky because they have been hired to partake in the special moment that will be etched in the minds of everyone around you. If you want to take the most amazing pictures that will leave the bride and groom smiling throughout their marriage check out WURE Photographers for weddings for more details.

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