Penny-Pinching: 7 Quick Tips on Saving Money on Hosting

Penny-Pinching: 7 Quick Tips on Saving Money on Hosting

Now that I have been running LeisureMartini since 2013 – a long time – I can say with confidence that one of the main things you need to have your website running smoothly and efficiently is hosting. But hosting isn’t always offered at a price that you want to pay. And who doesn’t like the idea of saving money on VPS hosts? The good news is that there are plenty of ways to save and they are all pretty easy.

1. Switch Your Hosting Provider

One of the biggest ways to save is to switch your hosting provider. As long as you’re not enraptured with your provider, it likely won’t hurt to make a change. Switching allows you take advantage of new customer promotions and other deep discounts.

2. Use Coupons

Coupons and promo codes aren’t just for online shoe shopping. All you have to do is do a quick Internet search that has the hosting provider’s name and the word coupon or code. You may have to try a few dud codes before coming across one that gives you the kind of savings you’re after.

3. Choose a Longer Tenure

The longer you tie yourself to a hosting provider, the deeper the discount they will offer you. For instance, taking a monthly approach will save you next to nothing, but a year might save you 10 per cent, and three years could save you 20 per cent. When a host knows that you’re going to be around for a while, they don’t mind giving you a better price.

4. Combine Your Domain and Hosting

If you’re just starting a website, it can be to your advantage to get your domain name and your hosting all in one. By combining your domain and hosting, you can get both items for a discount. Some providers will practically give you your domain name, charging you next to nothing or nothing at all for the first year. And if you already have your website, transferring your domain to your site’s host can save money.

5. Try Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is desirable because it is low cost. It’s cheaper than traditional hosting because there are multiple sites sharing the same hosting space. Shared hosting can be a good deal for new sites that don’t yet have a lot of traffic.

6. Become an Affiliate

When you’re an affiliate, you earn a commission everytime someone uses your unique link to sign up for web hosting. It may not be as easy as it sounds, but putting your affiliate link out there at regular intervals, especially if you have a big online presence or a large following, can make being an affiliate worthwhile.

7. Ask for a Discount

Don’t be shy and don’t do everything online if you don’t have to. You can either place a phone call if there’s a number available or you can shoot them an email to request or negotiate for a better price.

Play your cards right and you’ll be able turn some of these tips into great savings. Whether you’re looking for savings on your renewal or a first time website, you can easily and quickly cut your website expenses.

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