Past, Present, and Future of CBD

Past, Present, and Future of CBD

CBD isn’t a 19th-century invention as most would imagine. Its history dates back in 1940 when Dr. Roger Adams successfully extracted CBD from the cannabis plant. Adams was, however, not aware of the unique compound he had discovered. A few years later, researchers, including Dr. Adams, tried to put the compound to the test. CBD compound was administered to lab animals. The tests helped in proving that the compound doesn’t induce psychoactive effects. This meant that its use wouldn’t alter the brain’s mental capacity. A breakthrough for the CBD compound, however, happened in 1980 when a patient who has epilepsy showed considerable improvements after being subjected to CBD.

Back then, several misconceptions surrounded the use of CBD. Many states in the US were reluctant in allowing the use of CBD, considering that it had been extracted from cannabis. Cannabis Sativa, popularly known as marijuana, is the main plant that naturally produces cannabidiol compound. For a long period, cannabis has been considered as a harmful drug. Its use, growth, and distribution have been illegalized in many countries around the world. Most people believed that CBD had similar effects as marijuana. But then, this isn’t true. CBD doesn’t induce psychoactive effects. Hence, it can’t leave you feeling high or enhance hallucinations.

Major changes happened in 2014 when some of the states in the US legalized the use of medical marijuana. CBD, however, shouldn’t be confused with medical marijuana because it’s a separate compound on its own. CBD can be extracted from industrial hemp. This legalization enhanced the growth and proliferation of markets offering different products containing CBD. CBD that’s sourced from industrial hemp is legal. In the UK, for instance, marijuana is illegal. CBD from cannabis extract is also illegal.

Today, the stigma behind the use of CBD has reduced considerably. This is because of the medical benefits that come with its use, let alone the economic benefits that come with selling the product. Several people, both young and old, have benefitted tremendously from the use of CBD. Manufacturers have been able to come up with several ways of incorporating CBD in society. Today, you can find CBD as oils – a good example is the CBD lotion. CBD can also be found as food supplements such as capsules. With the growth of technology, one can easily buy CBD products overseas through online stores. However, the product won’t be shipped if using and distributing of CBD products is illegal in your country.

CBD’s popularity is majorly centered on its ability to heal and alleviate some of the major body complications. This includes social anxiety disorders, inflammations, bone fractures, sleep complications, stress and depression, obesity – the list is endless. The good thing about the product is that it also acts as a preventive mechanism for cancer and diabetes.

The future of CBD seems bright. Several organizations are lobbying for the legalization of CBD all over the continents. Who knows, they might succeed.


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