Paintings for Vaastu – Where to Place Buddha Paintings in Your Home

Paintings for Vaastu – Where to Place Buddha Paintings in Your Home

Artworks and paintings are often used as home decor. However, as the world opens up to conscious living and life choices, Vaastu has become a major part of how and where to place decor items. Be it idols of your favourite gods or some serene Buddha paintings, everything should have a proper place.

Keeping your paintings, decor items, and idols in the right room, in the right direction, can manifest many positive results.

This can even remove blockages and help remove any stagnation in life that you are feeling.

In this post, we will talk about Buddha paintings and their impact on your overall quality of life, as per Vaastu. Please note that if you have a sound understanding of the subject, or are a lifestyle writer who’s looking for a lifestyle blog write for us to share your knowledge with our readers.

Having a Buddha at Home or in Office

Lord Buddha paintings are viewed as a symbol of prosperity, and wealth. A calming Buddha idol in the Hindu as well as Buddhist culture is considered divine and spiritually charging.

If you go by Feng Shui and Vastu, a Buddha painting is more than just a piece of art. It is considered to improve the flow of Chi in your home and office.

If you want to increase the happiness quotient in your living and working space you must make space for a Buddha painting. 

You will surely attract joy, peace, and wealth with this beautiful piece of luck and prosperity.

Vaastu interior tips with Buddha

Because Lord Buddha is said to ward of negative energy and sorry, these paintings can attract blissful experiences in your life.

However, like with all things Vastu and Feng Shui, it is wise that you pay heed to how and where to place these paintings.

Simple guidelines that will help you reap only the positive effects of having Budhha paintings in your home include:

  • Not placing it at the ground level. Always place it high up on a wall or cover the entire wall with a painting.
  • Not placing them in a dark corner or in a place that is rarely visited by people in your family or workplace.
  • Feature these paintings prominently in the living area. Having magnanimous Budhha paintings or posters is great to make your room and life light up.
  • Put a Buddha painting right at the entrance and you will prevent negative people from entering your home. It will repel all evil. 
  • If you want to attain a peaceful atmosphere while studying or working, you can use Buddha paintings in your study room to enhance concentration.
  • Laughing Budhha idols and paintings are denoted good when gifted by someone. 
  • Unlike posters of deities, a Buddha painting can be put up in the bedroom too. It is likely to bring joy, and bring restlessness to peace.

The best thing about Budhha paintings as decor and Vastu items is that they are quite affordable.

Even if you want something lavish there’s a wealth of options to explore. So, there is something for everyone. 

Looking for some gorgeous Budhha paintings to bring in beauty, prosperity, and happiness to your home?

Vaastu interior tips with Buddha - Where to Place Buddha Paintings in Your Home

Here’s a range from some of the best artists that you can check out. We are sure you’ll love having one or more paintings of Budhha in your living space.

Photo by Taylor Simpson

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