Paintball For a Change

Paintball For a Change

You can’t get enough leisure in cities – talking typically of Delhi. And that’s something that you can’t blame on time. I have loads of it to spare on the weekends and you might too – unless you are a nerd, or a scientist or a workaholic.

The real problem is that cities offer nothing more than the multiplexes, malls and monuments. I won’t complain about the monuments though. These can be breathers sometimes when you wish to experience a rush of nostalgia and get high on history.All is not bad though. The chat and the local shopping places like Sarojini and Janpath give fun freaks like me some hope. Bored of the regular stuff, I dug the internet for entertainment options to explore in Delhi.

Janpath shopping hub
Photo Courtesy: Ekabhishek

Must say I wasn’t disappointed. And that’s how I found myself holding a rifle! For someone who has never experienced the thrill of shooting (and I am not talking about balloons) Paintball is a good dose of adrenaline.


If you are one of the few who haven’t heard about paintball, you have another reason to try it. It’s darn simple (given that you follow the instruction that the trainer gives).  So, what do you have to do? Hold the rifle carefully, dress up properly in the safety gear, follow the instructions, take positions…ready? Aim and FIRE!

My friends and I had an amazing time getting dressed in the fauji safety wear, helmets and eye gear. Here we are, Rohit, Amrita, Vikas and Me (posing). There were three more buddies (one was busy dressing busy so he missed out on the snap) and one was taking the snap J

Paintball with Friends

Next, the instructor divided us into two teams and handed us the rifles. And there I found myself falling ( not for the instructor)! After learning the fine details of shooting, we took our positions and the game began. We were supposed to shoot at each other from behind the bunkers. The team who finished the BBs first was considered the ‘loser’ team. But that’s  something none of us seemed to be bothered about. It was half an hour of pure entertainment. Totally worth the money!

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