Owning a Home in Florida: What Is the Local Lifestyle All About?

Owning a Home in Florida: What Is the Local Lifestyle All About?

There’s a certain vibe, ambiance, a culture if you will, that is tied to any place you go. Azerbaijan is known for its hospitality and warm smiling people. And Florida is known for its laid back flow, sunshine and out of this world beaches. If you’ve ever been there for a visit, then you will have noticed the temperate climate, bright sunny days, tropical foliage and a blend of Caribbean cultures there. Florida is a fairly decent sized state, so you’ll definitely find pockets of microcultures, but overall it’s an inviting and fun filled place to be. If you’re thinking about owning a home in Florida, then you definitely want to know what the lifestyle is all about. Here’s a brief snapshot of what you can look forward to.


Those who are buying new homes in Clermont FL are in it for the financial freedom that accompanies life in Florida. Although the state does charge sales tax, there is no state income tax to pay every year. There is no shortage of financial protections in the state, which is why so many retirees prefer to relocate here. It allows them to stretch their retirement savings to the max. Wherever you are, you’re never more than 60 miles away from a beach. The laid back nature of Florida also makes you feel even more free. 


The food scene in Florida is excellent. With Florida’s population being 50% foreign-born, there is a wide array of foods to explore. If you’re into authentic Cuban cuisine, you’ll find plenty. Is Jamaican fare more to your taste? You’re sure to find it all, from Caribbean favorites to classic Americana. You’ll find food trucks, hip and trendy bars, mom and pop restaurants and great entertainment. Although some areas are pretty rural with sprawling vineyards and majestic orchards, there’s no shortage of urban areas with all of the hustle and bustle that come with it.


There is absolutely no shortage of entertainment in Florida. Whether you prefer live music, museums or the outdoors, there’s something for everyone. Florida has 200 state parks, countless museums of all kinds and the ever popular Disneyland. In fact, the sunshine state is the theme park capital of the world. Nowhere else on Earth has as many amusement and theme parks. It’s great for both families and the young at heart. There’s all kinds of culture in Florida, from the panhandle to the peninsula. There’s a lot to do and a lot to learn. Nature lovers will enjoy learning the fact that the Florida Everglades is the only place that is home to both alligators and crocodiles. Culture seekers will enjoy southern Florida, which is home to both the largest Cuban and Haitian population in America. You’ll find plenty of entertainment opportunities that can expand your mind and bridge new connections.

Florida is a great place to live for people of any age. The state is growing quickly, has a booming economy and has lots of affordable properties. As far as homes go, you get a lot of square footage for your dollar. The fresh seafood and water activities abound and the Floridian lifestyle is all about subtropical ease mixed with good old fashioned southern hospitality. 

Christie Lewis
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