Outside-the-Box Print Advertising Opportunities

Outside-the-Box Print Advertising Opportunities

Most marketers know the value of printed items that can be left behind with clients or potential customers. Tried and true print items from business cards to promotional items like pens, coasters, and stationary certainly have value. In these days of constant advertising bombardment, however, it’s important to find less conventional opportunities to make a splash. Here are some fun and easy unconventional print advertising ideas.

Table-Top Standees

Whether they’re in a sports bar or family restaurant (or something in-between) table-tops provide valuable advertising real estate! You can work with printing services like Fairfax County VA to build something that stands in the middle of the table on its own with your logo and brand messaging. You can even include a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone for a discount. Bonus points if you can make it something functional like a silverware or menu holder!

Bathroom Walls

Sure, most people don’t want to see their names written on bathroom walls, but for the right kind of business, it’s another story. In bars, restaurants, and movie theaters, people who use the “facilities” are a captive audience in the truest sense of the phrase. Talk to the owners of these establishments about posting ads in the stalls and on the walls, and feel free to have fun with the ad copy!

Light Projections

Okay, this isn’t technically “print,” but it is a powerful, unconventional way to get your logo or branding shown on a very big scale for next to nothing. In many cases, a simple presentation printer with a cut-out gobo can project a clear image onto the side of a building at night, giving you incredible visibility. Just make sure it’s legal in your city and you obtain permission from the building’s owner.

There are opportunities to brand and market everywhere. Use some of these suggestions to make a creative and lasting impression!

Christie Lewis
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