Office Space: Certified for Repeat Viewing

Office Space: Certified for Repeat Viewing

Disclaimer: This review does not contain spoilers (for no matter how much it reveals the only real fun is in watching). Point two: I guess since most of you would have watched it innumerable times already, I don’t really wish to push a pencil on it again.

John Patterson (The Guardian guy) wrote when he wrote about it that he has viewed it more than 10 times. That was back in early 2000s. There it is – certified for repeat viewings.

 It wasn’t one of those large scale production babies to start churning a helluva mullah at the box office.

As a matter of fact, Office Space was never released to Cinemas in UK. Nonetheless, any one who owns a DVD has watched it at least 30 times, and will watch it all over again just for the sake of in-you-r face office sarcasm, brilliant performances, well-timed background music and a child-like innocence to it.

Plot wise, it was average, no two ways about it. That, however, was intentional. The USP  instead was the comic timing. Office Space was like routine directed and assembled for the masses dead-tired by marooning Mondays to relate with. It’s sacrilege that it was talked about neither by the pundits nor by the critics. Mike Jude’s Office Space rather saw the stocks rise through office gossips (pun intended).

Darn! You knew that office absurdity is profane and that singing Happy Birthday to your boss is completely blasphemous. Pep rallies and performance evaluations are nasty.  Office Space reaffirmed all  that AND the never-ending assault that the copier machine plays on your senses.

An outlandish workplace movie, Office Space does not despise only the bosses. That part is just the outer peel of the almost soulful comedy. It digs a little deeper into the chip of decrypt-able software to put on display the incessant appeasement behind nonsensical right-sizing. The detailing on naïve subjects, even the downright petty ones, is quite plausible.

To the critics – don’t take my words as the last straw but I don’t think it was anywhere close to Clockwatchers. Yes, it is about work regrets and wearing-out morals. Yes, it is about growing out of your confined office cabins. But is it limiting any where in sarcasm or in luck for that matter?  Peter (Ron Livingston) didn’t have to toil that hard to push the cabin walls afar. All he had to try was hypnosis (rather unwillingly, half of it which turned out to be an overdose). The fate of Office Space was much like that of the lead character Ron – both just got lucky.




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