Nutella Biryani and Other Unearthly Food Combos that Quarantine Gave Us

Nutella Biryani and Other Unearthly Food Combos that Quarantine Gave Us

Calling this year immensely odd would amount to an immense understatement. Stating the obvious, humanity is staring at a bleak future, being plagued by a pandemic, no less.

Apocalyptic and Dystopian references have been doing incessant rounds with a strange turn of events in the last few months. Almost as if to lend credibility to each of the wild theories, 2020 has shown an uncanny consistency towards being bizarre. 

Imagine being panic-stricken and bemused in your car seat on an otherwise mundane afternoon and a vicious swarm of rapacious locusts engulf the sky, crawling up and down the windows! Yikes. Many Jaipur dwellers are in knowledge of that horror as of 2020.

The peculiarity of this year apparently rubbed off on some foodies as well who couldn’t satiate their taste buds with conventional recipes while staying indoors during the lockdown.

Many things came out of lockdown. Nature hit back at climate change, social media trends like Dalgona Coffee took the internet by storm, classic Indian television programmes made a stunning return and people took their culinary skills up a notch.

So much so that certain foodies went as far as teaming up two dishes of entirely different league, Nutella and Biryani. Granted the world is bonkers over their tantalizing taste. It cannot be denied that they don’t mesh well together in any renowned cookbooks. 

Quite revolting a thought for those who aren’t down for weird food kicks. Not a novelty to say the least. Bizarre food combinations grab headlines every now and then. Last year, a steaming concoction of sweet milk and Maggi surfaced over the internet driving a string of remarks rooted in disgust. Gulab Jamun Pav, Kurkure Milkshake, Choco Cherry Dosa joined the party later on. 

This time around, the teaming up grew more unfathomable. As expected, they provoked the ire of the social media users, sparking rib-tickling reactions.

Listed below are 6 bizarre food combinations that came out during lockdown in India.

Oreo Ice Cream Samosa


Fried ice creams have been a rage since approximately the 1800s. Scoops of breaded ice cream are dropped into a frying pan and stirred until a golden coating appears on the outside. Served immediately, the playful switch of hot and cold, coupled with sweet flavours are a sure fix for sweet cravings.

Someone recently added their own twist and prepared an Oreo Ice Cream Samosa. Oreos have been stealing the limelight ever since they were introduced in the market. From cookies, shakes, cakes, ice creams, cupcakes, they have dominated our taste palette. 

As for Samosa, an evergreen Indian snack, this delectable deep-fried bliss of stuffed potato mixture is a kind of fritter. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants were explored over the years differing on account of their stuffing. 

Chocolate Samosa, a favourite among sweet lovers and Oreo Ice cream Samosa could perhaps be thrown into a similar category. Come to think of it, by the time one manages to take a second bite of the sturdy, crunchy exterior, the ice cream would probably be halfway through melting. A slurpy stream may flow down the fingers grasping it!

Makki ki Roti and Maggi


If you’re wondering whatever it is Maggi has done to deserve being treated with such callousness, I’d advise you to hold your thoughts, another senseless noodle pairing is on the list. 

Punjab’s scrumptious duo of Makki ki roti and Sarson ka saag needs no introduction. Crispiness of the bread is overcome by buttery smoothness of greens in the mouth. The dish broke free from being localised years ago and found a place in eateries, households and weddings across the country.

Maggi is not behind in the popularity index. An emotional connect aside from the taste binds Indians to the instant noodles. Most of us cooked our first meal with a packet of Maggi, a staple for hostelers and a dish to fall back on for food crisis of any order. 

Much to the dismay of everyone, a wickedly exasperating snapshot appeared recently in which Maggi had taken the place of Saag. A guy could be seen holding a chunk of paratha, wrapped around a spoonful of vegetable Maggi. 

Nutella Biryani

Muslim Memes

If someone could happily gorge on Nutella Biryani, then apparently, people like Joey do exist, who would have possibly found it difficult to keep their hands-off Rachel’s infamous Trifle!

One has to be bored to eternity to have pulled off such an eccentricity. Not even the kind who are fond of a sweet-salty aftertaste would favour a match as forced as this. 

Biryani cravings come with very limited choices, you either have to have it or constantly think about having it. And why not? A gourmet demanding hours of labour, Biryani comes with a mouthful of flavours. The more you take a bite, the stronger grows the craving, pumping weight into your belly all at the same time.  

As for Nutella, there’s a popular quote that goes by, “You can’t make everyone happy; you are not Nutella!” Yeah, that’s the kind of responsibility the Italian Hazelnut chocolate spread comes with. It is apparently an elixir for all your gloominess! 

And unless one holds something against the idea of sweets, chocolates or spreads, a possibility of escape from the luxurious taste of velvety cocoa is genuinely slim. Much of their maddening fan following owes to Nutella being able to enhance the taste of everything it’s smeared on. 

But even for an apparent elixir, Nutella cannot add sunshine to a dish that’s already a galaxy in itself! Few days ago, a picture of Nutella Biryani went viral inciting cringe and flinch.

Maggi Pani Puri 


Told you, Maggi would be mentioned again only this time it is infused inside a puri. Looking back, a funny Pani Puri fusion runs through my head. Movie buffs might remember a scene from the 2014 blockbuster, Queen, in which Sikander pops a Pani Puri into his mouth. It was brimming with booze. Not sure if Sikander’s theatrics inspired this weird food kick but here we go talking about Maggi Pani Puri. 

The savoury is a lip-smacking street food sensation in India. Small balls made of flour are fried to a feather light crispiness. Stuffing of Chickpeas, potatoes, spices and optional chutney (dip) are fed into the balls and dunked one at a time into a spicy green hued water. They literally burst into the mouth throwing a blast of lingering taste. 

At least 20 variations of the zingy water, foodies flocking pushcarts selling pani puri in almost every market, and never-ending monikers for these tiny snacks that pack a punch; stand testament to the savoury’s adoration amongst the Indians. Naturally, Social media users were baffled and enraged to discover the odd combination of Maggi and Pani Puri being lauded by a person. 

Oreo Bhajiya/Pakora


Another Oreo fusion no one perhaps saw coming or asked for. Pakoras or Bhajiya are fritters, made from a single veggie or veggies wrapped with a coating of flour and spices. 

In India, a cup of tea usually tags along a plate of fritters especially on rainy evenings. Foodies have been experimental with fritters although Oreo Pakora sounds like a disenchantment, miles apart from their indigenous taste. 

Chyawanprash Smoothie


As a mechanism to boost immunity, governing authorities suggested intake of Chyawanprash about a month ago. Ayurveda has been around for centuries treating diseases naturally. Most Indian households aren’t strangers to the world of Chyawanprash, an Ayurvedic health supplement. They are churned out using herbs, minerals and other essentials. It comes off as a sticky, bitter-sweet tasting remedy that enhances vitals of a body 

With the faintest hints of fog and nip in the air, Grannies have often been credited for mandated kids to take a spoonful of Chyawanprash along with a glass of milk. It wards off cold and fatigue especially when one feels they are coming down with something. 

Smoothies on the other hand have branched out from being a refreshing treat to guzzle down on a scorching day, thanks to the fitness enthusiasts. They have earned an enormously growing space amongst health drinks. Now a common practice, multiple unrelated ingredients are thrown into a blender for boosting many elements including collagen, protein and energy levels.

It was far-fetched yet again when recently a woman took to Twitter to share a picture of Chyawanprash smoothie. Comedian Vir Das was tagged in the post, who was an inspiration behind the experimentation. From her choice of emoji accompanying the picture, it seemed apparent that it tasted exactly how we imagine it to be, i.e. gross!

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